Wednesday, June 9, 2004


Title: Assignations


Mood: scholarly, right


Music: vinyl records,

cassettes & ATRAC 8 tracks

or just television theme

music running through my



These are the conditions

which prevail. There are

so many good and werthy

Assignments out there and

i am the lazy student.

But, i am not Concerned!

MY Glow is about me and

the life i lead~~Not how

well & how fast i respond to

various intellectual challenges.

{Alright, it's partly about that}

Irregardless of my short

comings in the testing field,

I hope to edify my fan=base

with the Following>>

Five [5] Things i don't know

about myself:


1) I am not political. I have

seen Richard [candidate]

Nixon & Ronald [President]

Reagan speak live. I have

shaken hands with Jimmy

[candidate] Carter AND Joan

Mondale who,'liked my music.'


2) I am not a musician. I have

seen the RAMONES perform.

[all of them^] I played piano

for a sound=check at a George

Jones concert. I was once asked

to be the driver for the POINTER

SISTERS [Bonnie, Ruth, June &

Anita]. My music has been

played on the radio in Norway.


3) I am not an Artist. I was

witness to the restoration of


I attended a Marc Chagall

retospective while Chagall

was still alive. I have met a

descendant of Val Bertoia.

Some of my pictures/paintings

have been reprinted on the

Werld Wide Web.


4) I am not a writer. I have

been published as a poet in

(a)my high school lit mag

(b)my college lit magazine

(c)my local news=paper

(d)as a journalist in a short

run arts magazine. IF i keep

getting publisht, i will have

to become an opinion Editor.


5) I am not a filosofer~~

OH! Wait! It cannot be

proved in this venue^

{filosofers have trouble

counting greater than four}

Happy crud!?! The fifth

posit is an open question.

I hate when that happens!


Dis=agree... open forum^


6/9/2004 Wednesday...

[anagram:] Reef Dire on

the Sub Toady--Nooze!

[hint:] i took an ice

bucket to werk today.

Saw eight hawks, one

chipmunk, one rabbit,

two horses & a deer!

Mostly in transit--altho

you know by know there

is a fambly of chippies

who play hide and seek

with me around my

shack and between the

roll=offs. And that^ is

the Wednesday Nature



More schtuff tomorro...

as it comes in, the slac



merelyp said...

1) i r glad
2) r 2 ( i have the proof and have never properly thanked you for it!
3) r 2 (i saw.  i have collected.  i didn't pay) some were prizes!
4) r 2 d 2
5) r 2 I have the IMP to prove it.  I kan, Kant I?

Dancer is totally lost in nature.  and report.

deabvt said...

Slac, a painter too! and a musician?  Chagall?   Wow!

ckays1967 said...

a poeit painterly published about=life
man/chiled wished amoungst many starz
danced on fluff and won
blue bird in the sky keeps wedding vows sane

maybee filasophfer=natural then converges to
happenstance and dreams.

a minister, a mister, a true human pod

being and becoming.

glow on....glow on....glow.

karynetaylor said...

6. You are loved.

KY Jelly Girl

floralilia said...

holey crud!  

i didnt know that you didnt know that we didnt know these things about you!

am damn glad yer *my* apolitical, musical, painting, observing, writing, filosofizing, nature=loving recycling overheated boyfriend!

back off gurls!

slacbacmac said...

Revelation! The two=edged Sword...
If i had known i knew the things i thot i knew
or known the the things i know i don't know
Or Not known the knowledge i do possess
by Recognition~~it is the milieu of the
filosofer, perhaps.  DO I Know This?^

ondinemonet said...

          WOW! (Carly tilting her head) LOL. I LOVE the Ramones and as one of the Lonegunman said..."Joey is not dead!" Always, Carly :) Sheena is a Punk Rocker!


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