Wednesday, June 23, 2004


Title: Behind the Bounce...


Mood: Fair & Sunny


Noise: Wheel of Fortune...


Appreciata~~Salutations &

Blessings 2 my Visitories &

Commentators! It often Amazes

me how the messages exceed the

text. But, then, when i bounce

around i also tend to be clever.

Nature of the Beast~~remind me

to posit the more interesting text!

Also, i have got to catch up enuf

to my faves that i recognise joined

and repeated they

occur. Cogitatus similarius!


Speaking of Anniversaries, and

it's all the thing in Glow=Land...

I, myself, have been doing this for

nearly a year. {And i want all that

time back!} Yet i wouldn't trade a

single IMP or e=mail or Entry for

the equivalent in Television Time.

[altho i do like to watch Summerland

and the AquaTeen HungerForce]

Except for the Sunday Crosswerd

Puxxle, this is one of the more

mind=sharpening things that impinges

on my acute brain. {I meant to say

that i have a cute brain, but only my

fysical Intimates know this^} HEY!

Flo---there's a slacism in there some

where! Edit, Advise, Copy the text.


Otherwise, the summer life is good.

Ask any of the Glowers who are on

Vacation. Boo-Boo [Cat's Bassett

Hound] needs an operation on her

back...and We'll pray for good results

on that, as well as other more human

improvements in the slacwerld.

[read deep for the Over=View>]

Blessings on all~~Mattie Stepanek is

still a PeaceMaker...

Love the Love until i read y'all betta~



floralilia said...

sir -'re good.  I had two things already highlighted before i even got to the middle - i could just post each and every entry in, really.

and you sir, are really the one who first inspired me - i already have pages of slacisms saved on my computer.  so i guess, this is all your fault, eh?  i already know for a time, this is going to slow down my j-rounds....ah, the things we do for love...

wildflower121764 said...

I will believe your inner>inti=mates that say you have a cute brain! :)

sasonalmah said...

I haven't left a comment in quite some time, but i am still around!  I so enjoy the language in your world Slack!!!!!


deabvt said...

A Year! Congrats,slac.

karynetaylor said...

Good livers all around!

~ Kayyyyyyyyyy


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