Monday, June 28, 2004



Yesterday i droppt the Shunky;

Today [Sunday] i droppt the

muffler on the Green=Ghost!

Which is werse?

A shunky schpill can be cleaned

up with white vinegar & a mop.

A muffler drop is a little more

Complicated. Note: bungee

cords are not the best cradle

for a fallen muffler; the rubber

will burn thru eventual.

Funny how the old cars & the

old ladies make one Resourceful.

{Angels of Mercy~~do not send

me into this epoch again!}


Apparently, most of the pictures

i post are both old & corrupted.

OR there is a bumpy=bug in

Kodiak land. No matter~i've been

sending some of my better pix to

my popular Readers. Heck!

The Dancer has a whole file full.

Up=the=Shot: if you get a clean

bitmap or jaypeg from slack,

use it well & resolutely~~at

least until i learn how to make

Entries as good & large as the

real fotoGlowers! {And you know

who You are.}


Meanwhile, Floralilia is culling the

Nuggets of wisdom from the Glow

werld in her secondary journal...

AND it is well werth visiting and

commenting on. {I am biased becos

i know her & the Queen has also

saved a passel of my observati...}

Nevertheless, Bounce to Her on

account of~~we are Simpatico.

Flip her off not Casually! Flo is

crusty on the out but squishy on

the centre...Plus+ she has the

long memory of all things^

Thereyago. Hans! Vince! Viv!

Desert=Dawg! Check them all~

They are my posse; And if they haf

blue=links, go there as well.

That's how i find the good glows.

{I am always purple wherever i

Flit & Flip} I would endorse the

Muse as well but she is also one

of my mentors. Well=met,

well=read. Monday, i am the bus

and Calling the auto=shop,

Slackashirt 6/27/2004


Monday, June 28, 2004

OH, just ignore all of the abof^

This is the real entry.


The summer=girls who are

drifing the buses are smitten

with me. No surprise! I am the

good rider & slackeriffic...

Meanwhile @ werk, the roll-offs

were late being collected and

i had to play the fone=tag

getting the truck to come.

As was, my buddy arrived after

Two & only pulled out 60%

of the uberfillment. [3/5 bins]

{What is Wonderful about the

Slack=Shack is that it is

equippt with a Touch=Tone

fone...dial 9 for an outside line}

Ah~~the life of a resourceful

recycler! And my customers

did not suffer much, if @ all.


Especial Readers! If you have

made it this far, you are either

Compulsifly bored or already

Fast asleep! Never mind~~

i have that effect on many much

people who aren't related to me!

{The fan=base is excluded of

this^ observation; Commentors

and Visitories hang on my each

werd} So~go to bed already...

The Web will still be there after

you have your morning mocha.

Regardless, Captain Wide will not

have changed much, over=night.



wildflower121764 said...

Oh my gosh, I'm dying. My kids are looking at me crazily saying, "What, Mom?" I say..."Oh, Captain Wide is at it again!" They shake their heads and know I've lost my mind. :) Very funny! You gave me an ab workout this time. ~Vivie

merelyp said...

should we do some sort of chant and dance for the muffler?
I will, ya know.
as for the shunky...
you are on your own.

karynetaylor said...

I'm taking a break from studying databases and manipulation of data. 1st I read all I could about that bad girl in Florida.... its all the buzz around here, all the morning DJs want to high five the boy!

Grrrrrrrrr. What a world we live in. I am so not in charge anymore.

I hope you love me even when I am in this horrific mood ...

~ Karyn

slacbacmac said...

ckay: Your childrens are astute 2 wonder why
their Mother is having a laffing fit.  woodsy...
Merely/Dancer/Mumsy et alia:  Yeah~~tailpipes
need more witch=craft than shunkies...hmm
KayyKayy: If i had a teacher like that...
Never Mind~my soul was old when i was twelve
Still~~the gorgeous ones are all over me now.
{Captain Wide is there=for spread thin?!}

sunflowerkat321 said...

Many werds here for hanging Slac.  Need help with good & large fotos??  Let me know.

floralilia said...

you mean your visionaries hang onto every werd....

and really, be more careful with the shunky and those busriding galfriends, lest some of us might get jealous....

aynetal3 said...

hmm at this juncture of Slacks life he bungee dropped his muffler ... dare be he a far braver man than I and not for withholding any excitement of the day.  Flo does an especially good job at this calling in her life, not so much the memory tendril, but the one where her succulenity aspires to speak great wisdoms and tug fair heartstrings.  A salute.  Maybe we are of a day, or so late, but never a dollar shorter!


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