Monday, June 7, 2004


Brevity & Levity~~


A certain blond mechanic

said i would get good mileage

with my scooter if i just

remembered to occasionally

change the fluid on the

which-way lights.

Popping a wheelie on this

HOG was the highlight of

the confluence...


WOW! Seems like only

yesterday when i rounded up

3600 hits. It is the perfect

squares that i admire...

SO~~who was that lucky

lurker who pluckt up 6400?

80 x 80 = 6400 Not that i

care much or count anymore.

{reverse logic^} It's not like

that especial person would

receive an autographed

original painting or anything.

Who knows?


Yet, seeing as Hans [the fence]

has designated me the Eminent

Papal Chihuahua pro tem of the

Middle East, i have the serious

obligations to attend. Like

yipping & yapping as the various

militias dis=arm, nipping at the

heels of the pony that won the

Belmont AND making sure that

Colonel North wakes up in time

to attend the services for the

Great Communicator.

I can do no less...


Wander as you will & consider me

only a small dog in a large and

complex Universe.

i am zooming yet mournful,

the Slack


onestrangecat said...

T'wasn't I that lurked
And left.
No autograph?
Oh, poop.

cute picture.


haikulike said...

You, with Snoopy aviator scarf on and all.  What a hawg dawg!

hrmore1956 said...

And you have been a most gracious chihuahua, I might add.

floralilia said...

the slac rides again!

all of a-town steps aside when this biker starts revving his engines...

slacbacmac said...

Hang on tight biker chyx & dudes!
The Wednesday post will be both
Wicked & Wide!  May=be

karynetaylor said...

6435. a good handful assortment of digits at that.

something disturbs me about the above picture. Is it the remnant pangs of jealousy still lurking about, or the red squiglly lines indicating motion? gaseous fumes? near your backside ... one does wonder what goes through the artist's mind. (Why there, why red?)

respectful of the bespectacled,


merelyp said...

Karyn, Karyn .... always with the Y...
Ours is not to reason...


deabvt said...

What an amalgam!  Love the post.

slacbacmac said...

Yes & Yes Kayy~~the foto was stolen and
then made into a CARTOON...complete with
lines of motion. [secret: i was a cartoonist
way before i took pictures myself with
cameras] The colours are just, colours.


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