Thursday, June 17, 2004


Title: Picture Parade...


Mood: wilting


Noise: Air=Conditioner


What a perfectly oppressif day to

wandre down to the Laundromat

and warsh the Jeans, the Shirts

and the Sheets that Hane tosses

and turns in when she's not

staying up watching the old

movies & the Animal Planet.

[Not a complete Sentence^]


It was totally Unexpected that my

little brother would Visit me at

that location. Yet, it happened.

The date=up on Toni & Todd is

that Toni is getting around her

own haus with the help of

crutches & a wheelchair, and

various fambly members--one of

her legs is still unwalkable.

Todd is doing time at one of the

premiere Rehab hospitals, and

he's not the Happiest camper.

[This hospital is Noted for its

strict rehabilatory discipline]

I'd like to believe all this is good

news & that the Road is now


So~~i decide consciously to

believe it, and if i do that, then

the Road will smoothe out.

Cat & Blade are nearly as

optimistic. G-d Bless^^


Truth! Encouragement! Laundry!

Unexpected but WELCOME

visitations~~I have the real life

and it slightly grinds against my

Webbish Prescience...

Mean=while, at the Top of this page

Readers will find yet anothre

retrospectif of fotografs & prints.

{Repetition is the Core of Vision}

And~in the right ordre, pix and

paintings do tell their own Especial

story^^^ thereyago...


merelyp said...

OMG, we are supposed to make a story out of these pictures?  Oh, that is so not up my alley.  Still, 'twould be fun . . . in our spare times.  

merelyp said...

It does seem as though Toni and Todd could be halfway down the road.  I don't blame Todd-- those physical therapy workouts can seem inhumane, I am sure. Their family's love will make them strong and glad again.

merelyp said...

Herman returns!  My favorite frog in all the land!
and this comment gets me the 6600th award.  What is it?  What is it?

ondinemonet said...

I LOVE it here...LOVE IT! :) Always, Carly :)

floralilia said...

sir slac - the gallery of art is just magniff~~  such raw and computer generated energy - such digital chi - such whimsy - such rebel=ness.

glad toni and todd are at the halfwayness - the prayers continue..

wildflower121764 said...

Hey Slack...I left but I'm back! Your photos and writing here are truly entertaining! These are great pictures of you, Mumsy, and Baby Mae. Mumsy told me about meeting you. I think it's great! She might come visit me too. I guess my fave is of you posing as a >Rebel!!! :) I got a computer paint program=yay! But I haven't had time to use it yet because I've been moving.

Visit me if you wish.

viviansullinwank said...

{{{{{Slac}}}}} the album was awesome and your writings are always intriguing which leads me to a request which I will email you about immediately!

deabvt said...

Toni & Todd, [ prayers continue!]
Great amalgamalbum!

aynetal3 said...

My thoughts ... for which I pay a penny to take away ...
1.  Clothes blowing on a windy day
2.  Baby Mae, artiste
3.  The werld's a friendlier abode
4.  Sneak in a sky blue day
5.  Revolves the story
6.  Love melds
7.  Werld leaders peace rally
8.  Love is getting got
9.  Herman practices self
10.  Chomped by life
11.  Peek a peck of polygamous beatitudes (the girls)
12.  Welcoming
13.  Filosopher frets fonditiously
14.  Amerikan idols
15.  Nekid babe
16.  Graciously curved and proportionately plexed, umm flexed
17.  Stop calling me Flower
18.  "Evry weed has got its story," quoted Author
19.  Street Hero takes no jibe

Yep, and the story ends happily ever please do it again!

musenla said...

Cool pics, lovely photos!  I especially like the tots, I'm such a softie for babies.

Ahhh, so glad to read about Toni & Todd being in the recovery phase.  It's an uphill climb, but they'll get there, with loving support.  I'm still saying a little prayer for them.

rrveh1 said...

Cool Art!! Fun Picture Parade...
# 6=folks having too much fun! :)


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