Wednesday, June 30, 2004


Title: Wimbledon Women...


Mood: Passionate


Music/Noise: Aerosmith

[Toys in the Attic]


Today, Tuesday, June 29, 2004

was Nelson Eddy's birthday.

HOW do i know this? Becos

Hane is watching all his films

on TCM. Jeanette McDonald is

only slightly more beautiful.

Regardless, i had my turn at

the Video around NOON and

what did i watch? Women's

Tennis, of gourse. I just love

to watch those RUSSIAN girls

advance---Maria Sharapova,

Petrova...[Tatiana Golovin lost

but was a delight to watch].

Jennifer Capriati & Serena

Williams are bound to meet.

I favour the Jersey girl yet only

'cause i'd like to Party with her.

[my late father turned me on to

Women's Tennis~~it is the only

perverse excitement we enjoyed

together.] AND before everyone

gets up on my crud for being a

sexist bastard, the girl=tennis is

one of the few really fysical sports

I enjoy watching. They are so

graceful & feminine when they put

away a full set! OH, never mind,

I am a male pig in this regard.


Of Every=thing else i am far Behind.

Many Glowers are passing me like

double trailers on a dark night.

Especially the Anniversary peeps

who have moved both heaven and

Glow=land to make this month the

Alpha and Omega of blogging...

It's a good thing~complicated for

my simple mind, but surely a

Mitzvah. 'Twas ever Thus.


Wednesday, June 30, 2004...

Another full & beautiful day.

My customers treated me well

today. Gary brot me a cheese

burger and a cola. One of the

stragglers gave me a ride home

in his truck. [we beat the bus by

only half a block.] Jennifer lost

to Serena Williams~~i must fly

to London and console her.


[hearing: Werewolves Of London]

It will be a busy week alltogether

even without bouncing to all my

favourite sites. Car=fix, widow=lawn,

Grox=walk, fantasmagorical

ephemerations~~all the usual

events & studies which make my

life a cause for pondering.

OR~something like that^

[Hane eats an MRE; thanx Harry]

Do i know the meaning of

parenthetical? Maybe so, Maybe

no. More & betta lata, on the

morro mayhaps...with many attempts

to be Conventionally humourous.

So said the toddling bouncy

Captain Wide on Wednesday.

* * * * * * * * *


floralilia said...

sigh, no less than three succulent juicy bits there...

and all this anniversary bloggin has been at the expense of my normal readingship....forgif me..this be only temporary...

merelyp said...

..and I am not reading this until the Friday?  where have I been?
I think your chauvanism toward girl-tennis is amusing and sweet.
i have been known to wear the short skirts but cannot handle a racket.
i prefer making them.
rackets, id est.

slacbacmac said...

{Where haf we=all been?}
Especial filosofy^  so much the werk
to do, Anniversally~~glow on & i, too
will just try 2 catch up [up=catch]
procrastinatory Smooches...

aynetal3 said...

Perhaps its here that we should all return for late night tea, primarily because of this weeks celebration of its own merit.  Thank you for leaving candles all about yon windows!


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