Tuesday, June 15, 2004


Title: Swapping out the Roll-offs


Mood: Humid


Music/sound: Loud TV


Apparently, the county facility was open

for Flag Day. But the contractor got a

late start on swapping out the bins.

Up=shot 4 me: A bit of traffic control

on an unusually busy Monday. So,

you see, sometimes I do werk hard for

the money. {And the prestige}


Today, of gourse, was the running

around day. Bank, Credit Union and

Grocery store. At the store i took

Especial advantage of the BOGOs.

I saved 35 dollars/34% on a large

order of necessities; the total came

to 66 dollars. And the green=ghost

did not act up at all. [Hane is

reading the tape now and finds

fault with it. The clerk made one

mistake which she corrected. I am

not about to Argue the point.]


Speaking of fotoes [and who was?],

Uncle Dan sent us a passel of hard

prints & Lizard sent me a free ride

to her collection of pix from Uncle

Jim and others. Needles to say~

i enjoyed looking at all the candid

shots of the gorgeous women who

inhabit my universe by blood or

annexation. It's the posting of same

to this location which presents a

minor peccadillo. {I've said this

before: when i get my own scanner

and fotopixelator, this Glow will be

adipose deep in IMAGES} Thank

Goodness the text is soooo good^

Posted instead of Wedding pix

today are two images of my

Grand=Nephews, Noah & Wyatt

courtesy Capsizer & Jen. All my

regular Readers will, no doubt,

Comment on their cuteness~~

It is expectate.


Birdstone?? What the Anne Heche

kinda name is that for a horse?

"Racing that Race, high on Flonase,

Smarty Jones you better watch your

Speed..." oops! i used a brand=name.

{And probly insulted the memory of

The Grateful Dead} Flora & Dancer

shall more 'an likely concatenate my

abusif jocularity...

OR some=thing like that^

Read me deep, i posit my peeps...

~widely enjoined the Slac~


deabvt said...

Casey Jones,Slac,Whowoodaknown!
Two Sooper granephews! Yea! slac.
Needles to say,I`d like to see gorgous women pics! adipose deep! Yes!

z7snowflake said...

aww, ur nephews ar so cute!

floralilia said...

the grande=nephews, noah and wyatt are most beautious!!  tender and happy indeed...

every day should include bogo's....non?

merelyp said...

babies give the dancer the willies.
You know, A birdstone in the hand is better than one in the bush. .  . or, in NY, Smarty Jones.

I'm thinkin' Philadelphia August 13th &4

slacbacmac said...

[Vince: Cap the Turpentine...i kid!
Snowflake: uf good taste in kid=pix
Flo: i 'know' i bogo~~you & Ayn can
collaborate on 'my' next entry...hmm
Dancer of many names: You may not
borro my time=machine 2 visit Philly
on August 13, then August 4th...
more on the morro~~Author]

karynetaylor said...




slacbacmac said...


happyb8888 said...

Ever the insightful questions, Slack!!  :)  Thanks!!

ondinemonet said...

LOL..."What the Anne Heche kinda name is that for a horse?" ROFLMAO! I am not sure why...but that tickled...LOL Always, Carly :)

musenla said...

Aww, Wyatt and Noah are so adorable!  I like the superhero stances, hehe.


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