Saturday, June 5, 2004


The horse did not win.


The grand old man has passed on.

{Say this of him: He caused me to

Register and Vote.}

* ~Ronald Reagan @ rest^~


The day was moist.


Toni & Todd are coming along in

their own home---long road.


My pictorial representation of the

grand confluence is reminiscent of

the Beatles^




Gratitude in brevity,

and beauty in simplicity...

Arrives the Time~


more on 'morro, the Author


haikulike said...

I am three hours the late to see this!  
It is vverryy reminiscent of Magical Mystery Tour.  Shall we call it Magical A-town Fairgrounds Tour? Doesn't quite have the ring, does it?

the race was very exciting though.
I'm glad Ronnie made you vote.
I found it hard to take him seriously because I know how actors are.
but he was okay, for being... that way... you know, Republican
more rain?  bah
Toni and Todd have lots of strength behind them


~~the dancer

aynetal3 said...

succinctly *Sigh*

deabvt said...

Great bkwords Grafick, slac
Prayers continue.

hrmore1956 said...

Todd's home!!! Good deal. May he and Toni heal completely.

slacbacmac said...

Appreciata!  I saw 'Dutch' speak once...
and he was pretty cool even if you
disagreed with his politics.
ADVISE & Notify!  Cruising toward
6400 hits, a perfect Square>>

aynetal3 said...

Shoot missed it ... came in at 6403!  Who's got the winning number?

floralilia said...

dern -6406.  

and smarty pants jones missed by a behind.

twas ever thus.


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