Friday, June 25, 2004


Title: I am a T=shirt


Mood: my mood is Annual


Noise/Music: the sound of

Glowers preparing 2 celebrate


If you are reading this glow,

just go to the right=links for

more and better Inspiration>

It is the beginning of Joined

Knowledge. Anniversally...


And it strikes me Especial as

i come upon my own Year of

Glowing that the Slack=page

is just a down=bounce from

real & fantastic sites...

{I am frequently amazed}

All my girlfriends will attest to

this. And other visitories.

Twas ever Thus.


What, there=for, do we

Celebrate? Posits & pictures?

Grafix & Grandiosity? Life as

Life and leaning into it?!

Would that i would not have a

filosofical bent about it...

For it is all that & more~~

WE/i/you Glow because it is

there to do. More=the=over,

things we say and do here

bounce back to ourselves in

unexpected ways; more often

good than less. Confluences!

Comments! Connections!

This is a good thing all=to^

{It's not yet a poem but close



Start 2 Glow thereto...and blog

if one calls it that. You, too,

will Eventually be Amazed.

Just saying, the meta=joined



floralilia said...

sigh...isn't he just dreamy....fluttering my eyelashes....

deabvt said...

Yep, they`re everywhere, on many roads!

aynetal3 said...

Oh Flo ... edge=off ... he's now mystical and at one with the blogdom universe ... *Sight*  Just dreamy...

jlandanniversary said...

{{{{{Slack}}}}  you are ON!  You are priceless!!   I celebrate  YOU! I glow in your Slackness! We came be blogged we enjoyed let's keep reflecting on this almost 365 day blogging journey!

slacbacmac said...

{i had a Dreme i was dreamy~there were
many sighs & lash=eye flutters}
Heck, it's like my 1iversary too...hmm

merelyp said...

What color t-shirt are you?  100% cotin?  Consuming minds want to know.

My mind has been half eaten, don't ya know.

sunflowerkat321 said...

Celebration is in recognize that glow=land brings us many good things.  Best of all...good friends.

karynetaylor said...

Guess what this is:
It contains: Maltitol, gum base, sorbitol, mannitol, acacia, glycerol, natural and artifical flavors, aspartame, color added, acesulfame K, carnauba wax, bht (to maintain freshness) & its in my mouth.


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