Monday, June 21, 2004


TITLE: Winter in Canberra...


MOOD: i ran out of moods...


NOISE: Wheel Of Fortune


The cell=fone reception in this haus

is deplorable. Ask the Lizard, who

dropped in on Saturday to visit the

Matriarch. Annie [new bride] Bananie

rang her up soundly & promptly lost

the connexion. Of gourse, Annie was

calling on a cell herself...while

driving Which Behaviour i do not

Endorse! Fortunately, Anne had the

presence of mind to buzz the landline.

They briefly talkt about catching the

latest HARRY POTTER film~the

prisoner of Azerbaijan, or somesuch.

Nevertheless & eventually, Liz had

the good visit with us on her way to

the other GrandMa up in the coal

country. {It's a blessing that these

beautiful womens are so long-lived}


Sunday evening, after all the

excitement commiserate with

Father's day [Jim got a video game],

i took a little time to clear some

of the growth in the pocket yard.

{It's a jungle out there!} So, now

there is a navigable path from my

cellar to the green=ghost's garage.

Altho~~there's still a lot of crud

to clip & rip & else=wise Tame.

[This year we will have a really

good growing season...OR have i

already predicted that?] Such are

the simple Joys of glorified hausboi

Gardening. By hand...{Give me a

set of hand-clippers & a bow=saw

and I Will reinvent PARADISE!}


These are the gorgeous days for

sure! Summer begins and i'm not

even a Druid! Presently, it will be

Christmas down=under. Planes are

flying to space without the help of

NASA. And for the rest of it, i

enjoin the stark Barbarians and

WAR=Bangers to...once again,

CUT THE CRAP! The Blood is enuf

already, and the Crippling vengeance

leads to no good purpose @ all.

And i have more than my share of

People to pray for without also

protecting my angels from errant &

misguided bombs and bullets.

Protected & forsworn of such nonsense,

i gratefully add my voice timidly^

{my Heart breaks for so many

grieving families...}


Which is to say: It's a glorious summer

werld to enjoy for all of us...and

better the much for returning soldiers

of this Wicked humanity. Mercy &

Courage~~lata, slack


aynetal3 said...

Maybe not so timid oh speaker of truths, maybe your just resting.  We have a couple extra moods if you'd like to borrow?  Have you seen what the've done with the new tubular honeysuckle feelings?  Very rich and oozing with sweet bursts of energy.  Spin that one around in your consciousness and all of a sudden birds begin singing your song and your dancin on roof tops!!  I've heard of folks on it who've worked all summer just to lay the perfect plant on top of a loved ones breakfast tray.  Powerful ... incredibly powerful.

wildflower121764 said...

Here's you a mood, Slac..."goosebumpy" :) Well, it could be something you might feel when you stand back and look at the wonderful job you did on your yard and garden. Want to landscape for me? I try but could learn much. :)

wildflower121764 said...

Oh I meant to say...I was showing my oldest daughter your unconventional and most unique writing last night and she loved it. She also thought it was very special that you called journals "glows"...she sent me a text message from her cell phone (just before she went to bed>she was upstairs and I was downstairs) that said "We're glowers." :) She's got it going on! Don't you think? Oh, and she came up with "goosebumpy." :)

musenla said...

Prisoner of Azerbajian, snort.  You're funny.

Give you hand clippers to reinvent paradise?  Do I hear it for Macmac Scissorhands?  =P

Don't get me started on the war.  I hope they listen to you and cut the crap already, is all.

slacbacmac said...

Appreciata, mood=wise...
WildFlower, you have a wise child; altho
it pondres me of the Text=Messaging
within the same haus!  I woulda just
Yelled.  Glow on

karensull12 said...

So many of us are so lucky and we don't even know heart breaks for so many grieving families also...

deabvt said...

Love the title of this entry.

ondinemonet said...


       I appreciated this put that quite eloguently. The sadness I feel tonight is made a little easier when I find others who feel they way I do. Less alone, less scared. Be well, Always Carly:)

karynetaylor said...

Off to work early
Sad for the mess far away
Praying it will change

~ Karyn


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