Sunday, May 30, 2004

Title: Puzzle Perfect


Music: putre hum


Mood: Breezy and/or Sunny


They came in trux, they came

with trailers. They came in big

and small cars, loaded with

yardwaste. It was so busy

overloading the roll-offs

yesterday that i didn't listen

at all to the radio...and i

didn't help but a few oldsters

because i was too occupied

directing the traffic. And at

the end of the day, as i some

times say,"You could not get

another stick on."


For my especial Memorial Day

message, I am simply going to

quote two persons: One who

preserved this federation at the

most difficult time in its History,

and One who made New York

his home even as dozens of

government employees were

calling for his deportation.

[both men were slain by deranged

assassins.] First, Mister Lincoln

with that sublimely ironic and

antithetical statement:

"...The world will little note nor

long remember what we say here.

But it can never forget what they did

here." And yet, the world does

have problems with such True &

Honourable memory...there are

still wars. Second, John Winston

Lennon had this to say during the

turbulence & upheaval of the late

1960s: "All we are saying is give

Peace a chance." This simple

refrain has its own resonance

through all such times. Today



Praise a Veteran today and tomorrow

because some of his/her heroes

rest underground. Moreover, we

are still producing Veterans now.

Lincoln & Lennon would be truly

disappointed. Had they lived.


rrveh1 said...

Excellent message! Super entries!

aynetal3 said...

Thanks for this tribute Slac.  This may be shameless posting, we were just thinking if anybody was without a vet to thank, here are a couple of our favorite journal veterans friends.  Please feel free to let them know they matter.  :)

John F.  

Bill H.


aiibrat said...

Today is more than a bbq.  Thanks for the thoughtful tribute to the veterans.  

hrmore1956 said...

Well said, Slack. I have a feeling Mr. Lincoln and Mr. Lennon would be highly complimented by your touching tribute. You honor the fallen.

ondinemonet said...


            This is nothing short of poignant, and somhow that doesn't seem like the correct adjective. "we are still producing veterans now. Lincoln and Lennon would be truly disappointed. Had they lived." Wow. Be well my friend, Carly :) PS No head tilt here...just applause! :)

deabvt said...

Thanks, Slac...And the Wonderful Pic!

ckays1967 said...


Standing with hand heart with slac master.....

Bravo!!!!   And the cheers break out for peace!

I am; however, grateful for the freedom I have that was not free.

floralilia said...

what an expecially sweet pic of hane and bebe slac!  thanks for posting.

great post as always - and the Veteran's are thanked and praised...officially.

merelyp said...

Tears.  WellMet. WellSaid.  
And generations go on and on.  Hope Wyatt sees an end to senselessness.

I generated some yard waste myself yesterday.  My gosh, I disentangled myself from the 'puter!  

A spycam picture (not as wonderful as yours) graces the entry (not as wonderful as yours) @ long last if you click Dancer.

Neverland, apparently, is never going to post the pic of all of us WellMet!  


viviansullinwank said...

Well said indeed....enjoyed this post and those about the meeting with Thelma & Louise and the Queen!

slowmotionlife said...

"Lincoln & Lennon would be truly disappointed. Had they lived."

Agreed.  We all should be.  Great Memorial Day entry.


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