Saturday, June 12, 2004


Have I said lately,"This InterWeb thingy

just might catch on"?

Well, i'm saying it again^


Wow! That was some sendoff the

40th President got. I mean i lost

track of how many times He was

in transit. And how many services

they had! Library viewing, House

viewing, National Cathedral mass,

and back to the Library for a final

family about a road

trip. It wore me out just watching.

[I took a nap between the mass

and the Western service.] Still,

i would say it was all werth the

doing, America=wise. And i must

credit & console Ron's family for

going thru it. God hold them in

the days ahead.


And then~i bothered my various

GFs with Imps & e=mails...Kayy

during werk yet, Flo on the Bounce

and Dancer while she's spending

still more time with her found

fambly. [it was Joe's b'day and it

sounds like they had a grand time]

AND others~i have got to learn

how to be more circumspect with

my 'pings' & 'post/comments'!

{Not every=one appreciates the

slack just popping in at ungodly

mid-afternoon hours} FORGIF!

i am not so much new now as

fresh. So, feel free to slap=back

the slackmack^ really


Saterday/werk: Yes, we filled five

roll=offs again. Not crasy but

steady. Now here's the odd~~

Monday [Flag Day] is a county

holiday so the grinding site is

closed. But it's not a municipal

holiday, so i have to take all the

yard=waste that comes in on

Monday and just pile it on the

bins. Or multiply loaves and

fishes...same difference.

Nevertheless, the weathre is

good enuf to do it all! Wish me

slack=luck until i collect my next

shack=check. {That^ was the

joke du jour.} Check my spelling

becos i can be so craptastically times.


Regarding all of which, i am

reading the much e=mail and

replying as often as possible

[unless, of gourse, they are just

random 'sendalongs'], IMPing

the people of importance &

READINGevybody who has a

better Glow than me. You will

usually see a comment, and

take it with a grain of Aspirin;

if not...i'm just lurking.

Twas ever thus, the Glower

who would be Slack


merelyp said...

italic adverbial splendor aboundeth!
so... you want to be slack when you grow up?  did you tell the Muse?

hrmore1956 said...

Slac: You're right about President Reagan's send-off. What a tribute! You know what I absolutely loved? The piece they played while they were carrying the coffin out of the cathedral. It was awesome, and I have to find out who wrote it and what the name of it is.

deabvt said...

you did it!     craptastically autochthonous !!!!

slacbacmac said...

Dancer: In Splendour, i Become...
Hans: They played 'the Navy Hymn' repeatedly
but we do need a programme of some of the
lesser known music...
Vince: AW~it's just a thing; you had the
Especial good posit about Ray Charles!
{Happy B'day, GWH Bush, Jumper}

aynetal3 said...

Would be slack,
or Capt'n Wide
or friend of many
or relief of one

karensull12 said...

Slac, I think 've visited your journal before and did not comment because I did not really know what to think.  I'm back again, and I still do not know what to think....interesting...yes, and witty...slacky???  Is that a werd?  If not, I'm making it up.

slacbacmac said...

{Potery by Ayn, filosofical confusion
by Karensul:} Well joined Commentary!
The 'morro i might More   ~~Author

floralilia said...

ah yes, the president was like watching a fine tennis match, lobbed back and forth between the coasts like that...

and in and out of air conditioning - but we won't go there...

am glad tis all over for the fambly too...what an exhausting experience for all..

i was esspecially impressed by all of the pallbearers  - they did a fabulous job of not dropping him...expecially in all that heat and up and down all those steps...there is something to be said for all of the pomp and circumstance...and that would be - it too was craptastically autochthonous.


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