Monday, December 1, 2003

Music=Mush Monday

Title:  i'd rather make Music without an Over=Large set of controls.

  The Piano~forte was the first hybrid instrument.  Made to sound like every other Voice in composition, it became its own best expression of unavailable players.  Never mind, the percussif/string/legato bastard became the instrument of my choice even after i beat it [Everett upright] with a real hammer!  {a fambly member can add a fond recollection of E. Worst, here...our collectif piano teacher}

   Wait a minute! the Slacker=Backer has spent his young life writing Musique?  Avec various degrees of control...?

  Yes, it's true--Art & Writing come first but i am not ashamed 2 admit that i haf some talent 4 the emotif power of noise.  And if i could figger out how 'pooters are supposed to enable musicians, i would be all over it!

   Too much of the up=load & down=load i suspect...  @ least the Muse has heard one of my 'songs'.   probly more lata on the self=same subject-- 

     one whimsical lyrical poetic slack

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