Monday, December 29, 2003


Holy cow!  My neighbor just brot me a Xmas present.  And i didn't get him nearly anything.  I am truly blesst.

TITLE: A NEW BEGINNING...[star wars, episode 10?]  Hey there's a goofy picture up^ there...wonder how it would look coming out of my Packard [the printer, not the car].  In the spirit, or gloam, of tossing out the old & bringing in the new...{like, year, dudes} I, personally, the Slack shall apologise at this time for any way=ward & un=toward Comments i have made on infrequent occasions [to AOL, Programmers/Computerists, fellow Glow=bloggers, et alia]---I resolve to be a tad less ex temporaneous in coming days.  It'll build character.  And be less boring & confusing, as if that Promise will hold!? Further=more, and in a Reciprocal fashion, i grant full pardon and Amnesty 2 all my present and future audience members [readers, commenters, lurkers & goofs] for at least the coming And4.  It's all about the love people.  Oh, YEAH! and i'll be funnier too [he swears on a stack of CD=ROMS], not strange=funny but laughingly so. {that won't last long either, i'm afraid}

  So for auld lang syne, i am the new improved Resolute & yet sweetly squishy, nearly all=forgiving SlackBackMack 04


slacbacmac said...

eeeewwww~some=body get this boy a pair of hip-waders & a HEAVY MOP.
And what is that picture??? Out-takes of his last brain surgery? Excuse me while I
go off and find myself--- Amnesiac03

sonensmilinmon said...

Hip waders and heavy mop being sent NOW! This is good here. You promise to be less boring and confussing? Ahhh that's what makes the journal so SPECIAL! Thanks for visiting my journal ... I'll be back to check you out some more. :)


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