Saturday, December 27, 2003


TITLE:  fair & warmer...

This is a thankful entry to my small & brilliant coterie of reader/advisers~~thanks. [wait! it's redundant]  i especially appreciate the holiday e=cards that have been sent to me; i knew this inter=web communication thing was good for something. meanwhile merry mystical Chica should try to hook up with the Dancer while they're both in AZ.  As like a meeting of the minds~~i'll hang here in the Balmy east waiting [with beaded breadth] for news of just such a conjunction...

hey--it could happen!  mean=while, i noticed a curious thing while reading some of my own old favorites. Namely that some of them have taken long breaks from the jernal experience.  I know it's the holidays & lots of them have moved on to personal web=sites... irregardless i would encourage many of those interesting Glowers to keep going into the NEW YEAR. More=over, you could still make the top 5 any day now.  Plus, i need stuff 2 read when i'm not enlightening [up=lightening?] my own gang.  And now, i'm off to posit or troll 4 deep Comments or possibly both.

            Rockster=slack 8.88


slabacmac said...

Waiting with "a worm on your tongue"? (baited breath)????

karynetaylor said...

Well, I thought I was rounding off the year with the Good Deed of the Century by going to pick up my husband's EX-mother-in-law (5 hours away) and giving her a ride to Virginia (10 hours) so she could be with her hospitalized son, BUT I blew it by posting a pic of the ex-wife which she reported to AOL. I will NEVER get to be an editor's pick. This would sadden me if THAT were my goal in life! ha ha

~ Karyn

slacbacmac said...

i'll stick with Beaded Breadth--it's way more poetical. i laff manaically[?]
And, karyn, some=body once said,"No good deed goes Unpunished."
It's a mercy if you can let it go.


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