Sunday, December 21, 2003


Title: Clearing the decks before they are bowed/boughed/buffed with Holly...

  First: my personal condolences to Mary, a fellow traveller who lost her house & two cats in a fire---our collectif loss is a sad reminder of Impermanence in this werld.  I pray that blessings fall upon you as you mourn & regroup. [No man is alone who has friends]

Second: i pray that the Peace of a child=king should fall gently all over the werld in troubled times & that hardened hearts will turn away from bad purposes.  The Maccabees experienced not only a military victory but also a Miracle of redemption from their loving god, who chose to shed light on a barbaric land and presage the Salvation of all.  Praise Him of many Names for He is with us.

Third & finally:  Love the love & stay firm in Faith, there=after Arises true joy...regard your children and you will SEE it.  A certain man said,"Allow the little children to Come unto me."  Those ones received a Very great Gift & they KNEW it.

  Happy Holidays~~and in the werds of Tiny Tim,"God Bless us...EVERYONE."

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