Tuesday, December 16, 2003


TITLE: who am i? where am i?

Oh yeah, the crispy shiny icy thing that made every=thing schlippy yesterday.  I did my part getting the local girls off to werk & instilling them with driving confidence.  But macho me preferred 2 walk!  Such frozen irony.  All my girls will forgive.

  Except of course, Rocky, who thinks i should spell Naavidaadd correctly on the web. [i'd like to buy an a Pat... ok--there are 19 a's in Navidad!]  And who are these wing=ding translators anyway? Wingdingians?  Who speak wingdingish?  i could make up a better code in my sleep, maybe, if i knew who i was...

  Which brings me to the filosofy of Amnesia.  That is, forget Every=thing i just said as well as my last 5 entries!  Who's a crasy uncle? i don't remember!  Send me stuff 2 remind me...no, really--i wasn't in my right mind when i commented or visited all those Glows.  More importantly, what's a darn Glow?  Forget it, i have. Are these my pants?

  And what exactly is a Mack Back Slacks?  Pants as well??


slacbacmac said...

cooool---what a funny blog, i think. I stumbled upon it while trying to discover my
true identity. Maybe some of his friends will clue me in... Amnesiac03

merelyp said...

looks like your several selves have gone schlepping in cyberspace snow, too, Slack the Mack, who draws wind=ed nude single-breasted people about to give birth. you are
1) an artiste
2) in cybersnow, crunchy with laughter and workboots
3) no, those are somebody else's pants, the dogpants, probably.

smooch from the daily dancer whose grandmum writ a new pome (ruby apple)

yeah, forget me, too.

merelyp said...

UNintentional misspelling below. mea culpa WING=ed, not winD=ed.
But then again, I was long-winged.

I mean, winded.
wingdingy, even.

a glow is nothing but an agnostic's prayer

slacbacmac said...

mistakes can be made--i know, wings ON wind. Any=body who can go from
Schlepping 2 Mea Culpa, well there you go...


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