Tuesday, December 9, 2003

brief grief

Title: Every man's Death diminishes me.

    i cannot mourn well a man who whined better.  I only read Frank a few times but i understood where he was coming from.

   Which comes back to how new i am to all of this Glowing & Flowing...the reading and the commenting are Immediate, special & personal; and so is the winking out of life.  We fear nothing but the darkness which comes upon us as we log off, boot down & promise ourselves that tommorro we will connect with far=flung friends.  What else is there in a hopeful space?  I repeat that i did not connect to franjfla as well as many of you---yet there is a Remnant of him in me, however small.  As small & ignominius as i am there=for to him, i bless him on his journey.  And great sympathy to all those who surround him in fond remembrance.  We are not diminished by a Grand Absence but reinforced through a shared & Awesome presence.  Frank will strengthen our efforts @ length

            salty smooches, the slack


merelyp said...

Oh my Awesome Presense, you not only draw and piano-play, you write divine eulogies. It must be your classical upbringing. Thank you for this beauty.
Salty smooches, indeed.


viviansullinwank said...

If I hadn't visited the born 2 blog group site today, I would have missed this wonderful Eulogy. So very well done...so comforting..thank you!

karynetaylor said...

very nice. eloquent, even, if you'll allow that.

~ Karyn


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