Tuesday, December 30, 2003


TITLE: so many readers...

So i was thinking, what if Captain Kirk [or Picard] had dyslexia?  The line would read,"Set your phasers for NUTS!"  Think about it, i haven't.  And that's what i get for listening 2 my own music.

Mean=while, i have 2 retro=actively thank my feminine cousines for passing along their Holiday lettres [karen & anne, smooches] And i will never forget the grand time we had cruising Lake Skeneatles on kay's 50th b'day.  [Kay is so not that old.]

  Is anybody following this?  It's a down day if you know what i mean.  And what about all the new Glowers who just found Awol=jernals?  Run away! Run away!  Hold onto your day job---the Kodiak will eat you just as you save your best picture.  More=over, you'll never finish your screen=play once you begin schlogging thru the Glows...the trap has caught me and i can't Remember Why??!  Skip that, you'll have a good time.  Trust me--i was very young also when I started this.  And i've got hundreds of readers. [i think~~altho i believe my hit=counter is out to get me.] And there you have it.  Marshall McCluhan was right about almost every=thing, but seeing that he's no longer breathing... Welcome 1&All 2 the and4---more & better tomorro.  Warp factor nada, MR. SULU

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slacbacmac said...

Somebody likes the Star Trek too much. Was that a TV show or what? But the rest of the entry just creeped me out. Off i go to fertile pastures...


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