Saturday, December 13, 2003


Title:  Accept No Substitutes!

Hey--is every=body ready for the next big storm?  Probly not...but i laid in my extra bread & tomato juice.  And plenty of home=made chicken soop~~yum.  Mean=while in Glow-land, there's lots of holiday spirit.  I'll wait a week until Hanukkah starts for real. ['Are there no prisons?  And the workhouses, do they not continue operating?']  Ho-ho-ho, i can be an impish elf around this time of year!

  HEY GOOF! Whatcha doin' posing on the chats with part of my name?  Santa's gonna bring you a lump of coal...there's only 1 Slack & i am He.  My peeps know who i am, all 10 lettres of my nomenclature.  And if they wanted 2 really open a chat, i'd be notified.  'Nuf said.

  Dancer, you especial rein=dear: hope your show is going well.  Awol 9.zilch really is feminine becos of her complexity.  Here's a ponderance 4 you: what if Dorothy had met Peter Pan?  [would Oz & Neverland blend in some strange new way?] It wonders me some.

   Other fans~~chek me but don't elek me.  Effusif notoriety is my absolute Nemesis! {pondre, discuss, post}      the slaCbaC real...

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merelyp said...

I mingle Dorothy and Peter Pan all the time. As I have said in a prior poetic state (Maryland, I think it was)
Oh my, if I were Dorothy
I'd never choose
to give up the wizard
give up those shoes!
It's not that the movie is over;
it's that the make-believe is.

The play is done. I wish you dancing!

the addicted cyberdancer, aka


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