Saturday, December 6, 2003


Title: 2nd attempt.

Today we may be forgiven if we glow about snow.  It would also have been my last day of werk, but i suspect no=one is doing yard werk today!  More=over, i kind of like it when it blizzes like this.

Some 'rents will say,"Hey, Slack--it's not a snow day if it falls on Saturday."  Now ask me why i don't own a 4x4.  {Because i'm enough of a menace with the car i do drive}  Enjoy the season while i dig out my garage,

     Bound yet boundless...


slacbacmac said...

There was more content and a picture of snow=dogs but you've got Kodiak bumped the whole thing. Some=thing about 'rendering'. That'll teach me not to save the text first. Author

merelyp said...

snow-bound, boundless wonder--
I want pictures of snow dogs.
poop on YGKodiak!
they took out my little Welcome to cyberdancing graphic, too.

One must glow re snow, else one sighs...

your flaky friend,


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