Friday, December 12, 2003



    Apologies again to all the visitors who think i link---i can barely read my own werds without running over the 2500 limit. [trust me, it'll be worse in February; i might not read other Glows @ all, dancer, viv, muse, et alia]  Meanst=while, the 9.aaaghh does not find me ordinal enuf~~what's up with that?  i think she also distrusts my modem.  OR maybe i just have too many stolen pix on my hard=on drive. [did i just say that??]  i am just so busy buying YAMS for hane and prepping the green=ghost 4 her next inspection.  Plus i do haf 2 walk in my neighborhood noticing furtive cats, cook chicken=gravy grits & dreme fanciful dremes that i am in control of this balky monstrosity! [the 'putre]  YES! only in dremes can i mouse the correct back=slashes.  Maybe if i got up early in the morning, before Dark Shadows...even before that first cup of Moka, i could whip this animal into the shape i desire.       Naaaah!

   i must depart before i am over=run with IMPS & multiple comments!!   [the true filosofer laughs @ himself 1st & fore=most]  No, really, i don't expect any comments!>

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merelyp said...

You do too want comments. i know how you are.
Interesting that AOL 9.0 is, in your view, a female.

Up early in the Dark Shadows,


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