Friday, December 19, 2003


TITLE: Amnesia Returning!

  Many Glowers agree [hi Pam]!  Awerld 9 & Windy~exposed do not play nice together.  Obvious question: how do they get these programmes to fight like virtual pit-bulls?  Good thing i didn't abso=purge my Awol 8... [next obvious question: why does the Slakster keep so many annoying Kibbies on his ding=dang dell?] Ah~the poetry of a pack=rat.  Maybe the bishop of Smyrna will bring me something better than up=dial in six, hmm, sanity!  Until then i can only light candles and enjoy the spirit of the Season--as all of you should as well.  [it's just a suggestion] Now, if only i could remembre what it was that Tim tiny said at the end of that story...

  Oh, well--it'll come to me eventually.

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merelyp said...

I have aol ate-oh lurking in the background, too, you ol' pac rat! Wouldn't ya know it? No wonder my tower has a bellyache. It's cuz I didn't want to give up some sentimental letters that didn't properly stay put in my new filing cabinet, but ya know what? I think I will dump the derned thing. It'll be a new year and a new me soon. Smooches gracias, Slack, for always lighting the light.
God Bless Us, Every One!
dancing grand mumsy-mae


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