Thursday, December 11, 2003


Kodiak blew off my captions... briefly, hmmmmm^

TITLE: MAYBE SOMETHING BAD, maybe something good... [Ren the asthma-hound chihuahua]         What was i thinking?  I graded=up to AWOL 9.0 Optimistic and was not surprised that they added a layer or 2 of complexity.  [must buy more memory...]

  Yet, they will not dampen my hopeful mood, gang.  I've been getting around this stuff for almost six months--and barely learning the eight step cures for a bad out=come!  One could easily lose one's mind if it weren't questionably lost in the real werld.  Already.

  Never mind: the pooters will probly be much more co=operatif by the time Wyatt goes 2 high=school.  Hold breath Not, young Wyatt!  your grandish uncle must pondre the pentaGlows...

         upgraded smooches


cyberdancer1008 said...

congratulations on upgraded and optimistic smooches! I just love that you think of YGP as a BEAR!

bear hugs,


slacbacmac said...

success! I have tamed the new Kodiak for now. It's accidentally a bear with
slightly better [?] complexity. Teach me to dance with a new CD!


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