Sunday, November 30, 2003


Title: Lizard watches Eagles win.  OR the Traditional break=fast Chicken.

    The Masterful niece from Boston is a better traveller than me, for sure.  She finagled rides to and from the local maisons des grand=meres around her 28th birf=day---oops, no! Lizard is much younger than that! [they are only numbers on a faulty calendar.]  Cousin Dan B. droppt her off & cousin David D. pickt her up.  Hane barely had time to meet either of them! [see subject]

  good for me i don't chauffer the beauties around like that any=more.

    The namesake niece had to have her doughnuts from a national chain---and her grand matriarch insisted on hoagies for Lunch.  Blade was a sleepy hostage.  so, i ask you, what did i cook the bogo chicken for?  {A: so i could make a very Excellent gravy for my tomorro Grits.}  i cook, therefor i am.  Engineer~Jim will explain it to me @ length...from Arkansas.  Beware the sub=text---Slack


slacbacmac said...

ALSO---Beware of Pretenders & Posers. Check me now & comment frequently.
[if not by AWOL, then by the e=mail] ~~especial AUTHOR.

cyberdancer1008 said...

I don't get your sub=text. sub does not equal text anyway. I'm lovin the colorfilled art!

I am glad that you had gravy. tonight (well, when u read this, LAST night) i had shrimp! shrimp in the midwest!

it was whimsically good.


cyberdancer1008 said...

P.S. I found the upsidedowncat easy. make it harder next time. 8-) ~~sam

slacbacmac said...

the Fambly gets the sub=text. But there is also SUB Text-- a Hoagie is a big
sandwich in Philly, a Po=boy down South, A grinder in NE, etc. some=one notify me who first called it a Submarine Sandwich~~ just curious, AUTHOR

karynetaylor said...

you made me go check the spelling! LOL! mischievous

~ Karyn


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