Tuesday, February 1, 2005


72%?! That's better than America!


Monday, January 31, 2005

i shoulda gone out for coffee this

morning; it woulda done me a werld

of good. But then, only i can make

the chocolate coffee just the way

i like it. I must remember to throw

away these flowers...they are wilting

from a benign neglect.


Here are a couple of my favourite

recent questions, while i can still

remember them...


...no, i'm just the identified patient.


...more local than a planted tree.

{OR~i'm moving faster than the

Express around these parts.}

>HOW are You Doing?

...as many as i can & thrice on

Sunday. It's a bad old joke, that.

>HOW do You FEEL?

...with my fingres, when i'm not

playing the piano for my Nephews.

>WHEN are You coming to Visit?

...if you see a big=ass green car in

your driveway, and an Orphan with

a small black vinyl suitcase, well,

that would probly be the Day.

[funny, but true^]


There are other Questions i can

hardly remember, but i'll save them

up for Anothre time.


Or something in similar English.


And the next time one of my best

friends asks me out for coffee, well,

I'm gonna go & ya won't have hide nor

hair of me for several weeks @ least.

id est, my favourite reply of late to

any & all questions is:

anything can happen.


[only Hans can disappear better]

Tomorrow! grundsau shadows!

Observe^ ~slac~


uscga1995 said...

Ah yes.  I forgot Rule # 1.  "Never try to outwit those with far superior wit than you."

But you forgot Jane's Rule #47 (slightly modified by Al Gore a.k.a. inventor of the internet - and the 21st century):  "I'm sending you an e-mail to let you know that I'm planning to send you a letter."

So......with that said......I'm posting a message to let you know that I plan to phone you.

p.s.  I pay ALOT of money to import Dunkin Donuts coffee to exotic "trailer park on the bayou"...


sunflowerkat321 said...

It's one thing to neglect the flowers, but don't neglect yourself.

Coffee can be pretty good for you...you know!

slacbacmac said...

flower=sun> my neglect is both austere & poignant,
which makes it attentif...koan!
capsizer> i'm sending you a comment to tell you
that i know that you know that the fone will ring and
i'll be sitting right next to it; also, you're getting a
real Thank=You note very soon.  MY rules^

deabvt said...

hide nor hair....My Mom loved this one...must be Irish.


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