Sunday, February 13, 2005


Sunday, February 13, 2005


Title: Measured Motion

Mood: ponderific

Music: random show=tunes

running thru my brain...and i

don't even like musicals.

Mumsy Alert Status: moderate

Query: "are there quite enough

M's in the abof paragraf?"

Thot: "If they can bring back the

Family Guy, why can't they make

the occasional new Futurama?"



It sure is hard werk to do all

the puxxles that Hane used to solve

at her leisure. I knew i shoulda

joined the CIA when they first axed

me! [which was less than twenty

years ago if i recall my grade=skool]

Too bad they were all up in the

Deep Throat Gate=Water bidness.

And following Arthur Miller around.

{G rest him, this isn't a coded

message.} The FBI was much nicer

to me, as i umember it.


History! It seems better when you're

looking back on it. No lie.


Regardless of that^, i do my best

werk on Sunday becos i have gotten

some time to cogitate & concatenate

on the Week's events. Better yet,

my dremes Advise of possible and

perceivable paths of Permutation.

Which arrive on Monday like an anvil.

Droppt from a Precipice.

[too many P's in that posit^]


Veritably & Voraciously i vent...

a singular Vanguard of the venal

ventricles of Saint Valentine's day.

He had too many arrows bowed

thru him. A horrible event. Yet,

he Loved his Lord and that is enuf.

Would that all were thus verdad.


It is my aspect 2 write like this...

Ask any=body. OR~chek the body

of my body of werk; that'll set your

brain back some. Fair warning.

Plus+, Hey! it's just a Sun=day on

the InterWeb. *smooch*



uscga1995 said...

I like the "V" paragraph and the photo of siblings w/Matriarch.

Too Tired To Type Today.....


karynwiththewhy said...

an excellent entry for this exceptional holiday

eclectic, even.

~ K

floralilia said...

i agree, an excellent entry entered by the ever evolving eclectic egghead ex almost cia operative. - thee.

valentine smooches sir slac...

love, me.

cneinhorn said...

Happy Valentine's Day Slac...

no mummsy sightings?  :-(



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