Thursday, February 17, 2005


Who's your President?


So, i'm like sending out all this

schtuff, by mail & OMIGOSH!

i have got to like buy more

stamps And wouldn't ya know

it~there's a Ronald Reagan

commemoratif! So i just go,

"Give me the Ron Reagans."

I coulda plotzed just hearing

myself say it. Now, i won't go

into why the Gipper should or

should not be gracing the upper

right of a postal missive, but I

was like Totally amazed that

i could buy that smiling face.

And self=schtick 2 boot!

[insert your own comments^]


{Presidential re=cap:}

I saw Nixon, i shook hands with

Jimmy Carter...DAD attended

prep=school with ElderBush.

Maisie & i took the boys to see

The Great Communicator on a

swing thru Connecticut. Fame

of the political nature does not

adhere to me well. Although,

i have had my share. I'd run

for office myself but i doubt i'd

pass the Entrance exam.

[note the double meaning of

entrance.] Presidents! Ya don't

hafta love 'em but you do gotsta

VOTE fer some=body evy 4 years.

OR buy their stamps later on.


Whereas & Whatfor...

i love the manilla envelopes that

come in the mail. Official!

Today, par exemple, the Parish

whose Recycling i do sent me a

Certificate of service. Honestly,

i thot it might be bad news...

like i should be better employed

in their care. But i will take the

commendable as they proffer.

{Five years of Recycling---does

that make me the Man?} And

the only thing i like better than

receiving good letters is posting

epistles to the Werld. Wasn't

the GLOW upposed to eplace dat?

Advise of the Advise thereof^


Who has the Glob that doesn't

Link? OH! That would be slac.

It entertains me much how so many

people come late & long to this

Page and say,"HUH??" It's a wind=

down from the better Glowers.

And i was having the same=self

conversation with floralilia about

that subject, altho we discussed a

good many other things in transit.

Which lead me to a Revelation

i did not share with her on point...

"It would be Egomaniacal of me

to call attention to my Astounding

humility." Or something i

remembered as such.


She will remind it different.

But for now, i'll take my paper

from the Parish & i'll hoard my

Ronald Reagan schtamps.


Thursday, February 17, 2005...

find Hans, find Mumsy^^


louf48 said...

Before you judge someone you should walk a mile in their shoes, that way,
> when you judge them you're a mile away and you have their shoes.

sunflowerkat321 said...

Do you think someday in the future we'll have the opportunity to purchase some self stick Dubya's?  EGADS!!

louf48 said...

Never test the depth of the water with both feet.

deabler3 said...

And self=schtick 2 boot!
At least, you didn`t haf ti lik`em!  LOL

uscga1995 said...

A bird in hand is worth keeping the doctor away.


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