Tuesday, February 22, 2005


Half a stone is half=way there.


Hane once said, about the fone and the

door=bell,"I won't answer it unless I

know who it is." [which tends to cut

down on Random visitations!]



Sandra Dee, who had a hard life.

John Raitt, who sang as good as his

daughter & then some.

Hunter S. Thompson, who may have

had a good reason to off himself. He

was one of the original bloggers if

you think about it; and he's had no small

influence on this journalist.

A famous polygamist in Utah...

Mercy! i'm glad i don't have to probate

that Will. Not that i couldn't remember

the names of multiple widows...

Teaser 3 > Maisie got your paperwork today

Teaser 3 > What is it?

Agent 3 > good

Agent 3 > ~notification~

Teaser 3 > of what?

Agent 4 > not apparent??

Teaser 4 > no......

Teaser 4 > is this new news?

Agent 4 > step in process

Teaser 5 > notification of what?

Agent 5 > what befuddles thou?

Teaser 5 > notification of what? and why?

Agent 5 > estate begins

Teaser 6 > but she wants to know

why she was notified....

Agent 6 > oh! she is an heir of her mother

Teaser 7 > she KNEW that!

Agent 7 > does she want an extra copy of the Will?

Teaser 7 > for what???

Teaser 8 > but she wants to know why she was notified

of that which she already knew?

Agent 8 > because it goes through the system

Teaser 8 > "ok, whatever"

Agent 8 > [i need 2 advise heirs of

that which they already know]

Teaser 9 > unreal

Agent 9 > paper=werk

Teaser 9 > I skipped that step[]

Agent .5 > each thing different

Teaser .5 > []

Agent .5 > i step lightly

Teaser .5 > huh?

Agent .51 > does Maisie want to call me now?

Teaser .51 > no, she's heading out to do {werk}

Teaser .51 > do you need to speak with her?

Agent .51 > yeah

Teaser .52 > can you call her at like {time}

Agent .52 > no

Teaser .52 > {time?}

Agent .53 > never mind~it's just a thing

Teaser .53 > if you want, call her right now,

I'll get off this computer for ya

Agent .53 > same

Teaser .53 > ?

Agent .54 > i'll bounce off

Teaser .54 > you're gonna call her?

Agent .54 > which fone---yeah

Teaser .54 > {number}

Teaser signed off at ...

IMP edited for content & Aspect, 2/24/5


That wasn't such a bad snow=storm.

It made for perfect snowballs which i

threw without a good aim. Slushy, now.

Part & Parcel. The Engineer took me

oot & aboot in his Conveyance to

various places; we can get up to much

more trouble in one Afternoon than

most people attempt in a month of

Mondays! That is, the girls behind us

@ the super=store are still pondering

our exploits at the registre. Fwoof!

{Hane's childrens are more themselves

than they have ever been! In Truth and

truculence...} We slide the Good.


And there you have. A tiny glimpse

into the back=ward lead Life...where

Sun & Moon reverse each othre in

fantasmical recollection, or dremes

of chasing down dogs. Paper dogs,

with wispy wayward travels to ends

entirely Un=expected. Uh~Fwoof!

i wouldn't say it again if i could ken

its meaning. Twere thus and only

Tuesday^ Gilmore Girls!

Tuesday, February 22, 2005...




cneinhorn said...

we call our little one annabanana ;-)  nice pic slac...I like Hane's thinking...I don't answer the door or phone either unless I know who it is...thank you for caller ID and peepholes ;-)


slacbacmac said...

Appreciata j=gal 4 the doubleWink.
Yeah~Hane had this back=wise Logic of life
which despite my attempts 2 throw it off,
Adheres like warm oatmeal.  With bananies, yet.

sunflowerkat321 said...

Snow, snow and more....
Will we have snowballs until June?

So was that all the ruckus at King Giant Wegman's?  You two...up to your antics!
I'm sure Hane smiles to watch her children play.

slacbacmac said...

Alas, Flower=sun, We were at the Walmart
in Trextown and putting a deposit on Hane's
eventual marker~~but we've been known
to 'disterb' the locales you mention.

deabvt said...

{{{ Hugs }}}

slacbacmac said...

of gourse...the hanging=in accrues to me!
And more to come    chekyalataV


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