Saturday, February 26, 2005


>Friday, February 25, 2005


Not to worry snow=berds,

it's almost over.


Papal tracheostomy?! Holy

crud! Hane almost went in for

one of those...and it probly

woulda been a disastre.

As it was, she came to a bad

middle none=the=less. So~

pray for the health of our Man

in Rome; it's a lifetime gig.


Now that i've growed up some,

i have a new favourite time of

day. Mail call. [not that show on

the History Channel, altho i find

that entertaining as well.] Ain't

nuffin like ripping open them

envelopes in the middle of an

ambivalent afternoon. Puts a

pace on the old ticker it does.

And slakes my smoochy lips when

i get sumpin good. [which is about

10% of the time.] Almost bettre

than getting e=mails from my

girlfriends! But~yeah, it's just

cards & lettres & junk.



I've said this before and i will

reiterate: The dremes of my dremes

have gotten more interesting since

Kay bot me the pooter. There's an

added Aspect of line=on life that

finds its way into the unconscious

mind. Usually in a discernably

beneficial manner. id est, Nice

thots adhere to the schleepy mind.

OR some such psychological bull

sheet. OH! Wait! i have to grade

up this & defrag that...Thank G

it's not interfering with real=life.


Would that it were and thus it

Becomes exactly what it is^

Favourable dremes arrife

regardless. When the mind is

as rested as it ought be.

{or facile as mine is often}

- - - - - - -pause- - - - - - - -

Title: The Crowded Agora

Mood: meandering

Music: Van Halen

Thot: "What are the Martians

going to do with all that water?"


I'm getting used to my new

wallet AND some new u=wear.

New things for a new year.

Lord knows there's enuf old

schtuff adhering to my corpus

curriculus. On Saterday yet.


[music switch: Tom Petty]

The Engineer is winding his way

north'ard for werk, and that's a

mitzvah. Becos, when he returns

i may have to promote him to

Major. On account of all the

aid & comfort he has rained on

me in the past few weeks. And

some=body should earn the long

green for the scant year ahead.

{not an apochryphal statement}


Accrued Memory: the grandpas

were werkers of Stone & Fabric.

The grandmas were molders of

Music & the Law. Daddy Mack

was electronical and Hane was

mystically chemical. Some=how

all the childrens were imbued

with cumulatif Talents. And

isn't every Fambly just like that?

i'm either asking what i Recall

OR recalling a Question.

Anthropology! History!


Substantiation~i favor it. The

explored life & all that^

Plus+, i may as well improve

the place i've landed at...

as a Flower or a Cloud.


>Saturday, 26 February, 2005

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