Thursday, February 10, 2005


I'm gettin' the jump 4

the Bump...


this one goes out 2 all my

ladies... i wouldn't done it

witout you. Smooches in

Advance. Is that the heart

day comin' up that i gotta

buy you chocolate candies

and what=not? Don't i keep

you in leggings, Champagne

& mascara all the rest of the

Year? Dang~it makes a Glow

Pimp wanna recombinate his

Y kromosome!


Regardless of that^, i kid.

The girls i praise are greater

angels than i could Aspire.

Mothers, Sisters, Nieces,

Nurses, Consolers of the

masculine aptness 2 forget.

They make us Men & think

nothing of it. {secret: they

don't really need us} And

then We fry turkeys in the

back=yard... at risk of life

and limb. Mercy! Forgif!


Here's the contract: if you

would please keep having

the Babies, we will try in

future to be less schtupid

than we were born. I said

we'd try. [Plus+, we keep

looking 4 loop=holes...]

We can be sub=standard like

that. And if i haven't sent

you a Valentine by Monday,

it's not becos i forgot~~~

it only schlippt my mind.


Know thereof, Girl,

i love you & i always will.

Nothing less would even

occur to me.




karynetaylor said...

I feel so ... ummm....

                     romantically slackitized?

   SKANDAL!!!  butt smooches to you too

sunflowerkat321 said...

And shall always be loved too!!

Valentine smooches....

slacbacmac said...

Appreciata>> slackster's Angels...
i be holding out my remaining roses for
the next dozen Sweet=Thangs^

deabvt said...

Hey!....the Romantical slac!

cneinhorn said...

whew, that's some valentine painting slac! :-)  wonderful :-)



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