Monday, February 28, 2005



He's either the Grouchy

green Muppet or the Role

played by Walter Matthau

in a Neil Simon movie.


Behind me there lies much;

and ahead only Infinity.


I would've been born sooner

but it was not my choice.

And now that i'm here, I

ought not change a moment.

'Twould be impolite. And

sacriligeous all=togethre.

Really. On=Ward!



Tazer>hi bro

Tazer>Engineer iz here

zlac>cool, hey bud

Tazer>and we're leaving for dinner now

zlac> go

Tazer>zo zee ya later

Tazer>enjoy your converzationz

with your women


Tazer zigned off...

*IMP edited 4 brevity^

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -


Auntie Em, Eminem,

it's a nor'easter!

'At's what we need--more Schwirling

Schnow. Still wintre... brrrrr

Title: Wearing the Woolies

Mood: Wind~chilly

Weathre: see abof^

Noise: Creakiness

Mumsy Alert: elevated


Rose Mary got home a day late, but

she did run into Little Richard at

the hotel. [i'm amembering recent

conversations^>] Lizard made it

to Indiana with all her boxes...but

she doesn't have a land=line yet.

{and who needs corded fones anyway?}

The Carolina Contingent is contiguous:
Uncle Dan & Aunt Eva back on the

shore, Alan back in the mountains near

his Dad after a European jaunt. Yes,

i'll be on the continent soon enuf when

i buy a pair of less dangerous shoes.

Anne & Matt back in the big city.

* * *

Maisie is going to the islands caribbe

with her husband---they have the old

Man's habit of fleeing South during bad

weathre. OR~any weathre, come to

think on it. Tan they podgy hides!

Meanwhile, Capsizer and his crew have

ordres to move up toward the Mason

Dixon Line. And as the Engineer is

also travelling North for werk, i sense

a trend. A Polar conflection perhaps.

Mush! Halter the sled=dogs!

Monday, February 28, 2005^


Groper is still flying jets; his brother

is returned from coptering supplies to

the Victims of the tsunami. They do

more & better things in their young

lives than i had a bhang befuddled

brain to consider when i was dancing

to the disco music...or trying on

Western duds at the start of the

Reagan Administration. But, then,

i had a poetic painterly Soul and was

born too early to be a real scout.

OR take up soccer for fun.

[chess or table tennis, i empathise

with Forrest Gump--whose novel

movie was just on Again the othre

night. He is a fictional character...

isn't he?] Regardless of that, my

progenitors had perfect Faith in my

Potential to become complete.

All=right~their Faith is more perfect

now and their Completeness is

undisputed among the Angels...

My journey on the werld is but

half begun and scantly realised.

With archival pictures, yet.


Such friends and blood relatives

All should have! And i was kidding

about the Oscar ceremony...they

held a grand party and Hillary

Swank has a lovely spine.

Beauty! Truth!







cneinhorn said...

I can't see what you have in the photobox, it's not working, so I will visit and comment lata....nice spine huh?  it's all in our perspective Slac...stay warm!

uscga1995 said...

Mac and Paul have interesting semblance.

Looking forward to meeting up with anne and matt.......but not looking forward to palm trees in the rear view mirror.

Do they celebrate mardi gras in virginia or is it all about nascar?

much love,

floralilia said...

"My journey on the werld is but

half begun and scantly realised."

mine too slac -

love the updates - and my slacspeed reading is getting better - my, but you do cover mountains in mere minutes -

must be the supersouppe you slurp that give you such powers.

slacbacmac said...

J=gal, the scanning is New to me...i'd rather Paint.
Capsizer:  the Colonel thinks that JJ has a better
resemblance to the Patriarch... More Pines than Palms.
Flo:  Are we this Along Already?  Smooch the boy
who should allow the Schnow 2 settle & collect.
Truly.         ~Author~

deabvt said...

Angel Hane looks wonderful.

aynetal3 said...

God Bless Hane and her multitudes from which without Slac would never have shined.  I'm sorry for your loss for which I know was deeply felt by all.  My heart goes out.


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