Tuesday, February 15, 2005


Yester=day was the Love=bomb

from all my girlfriends. It fits my

natural filosofy to be so Loved.

Twas ever Thus^


Tuesday, February 15, 2005...

And yet, it was dismal Rainy all

the day thru...[weathre report].


My dremes are fervent and

fulsome...not a surprise under the

prevailing conditions. I mean to

say, that i haven't been altogether

myself in the past few weeks;

Yet, i am transiting to that body

which i scantly remember from

nearly 20 years ago. When both

my pro=genitors were simply

moving my flesh from Town to

Town. And putting up with my

adolescent bull=sheet.


Pianos & Potery! WE are more

coming into ourselves than we

might Imagine! The blood and

Water has blesst us on the least

Expected day. And wax candles

now smell better than we have

cause to remember. Light!


OR, something like that.

My filosofy allows for the space

between knowing, the halted

question of Reality @ length.

The bountiful dremes of

mid=life, ever concatenated

in moments of Action...

And, then, i wake up~the body

of my body crystallising to

anothre sun=rise.

Perfectly happy that my girls &

my ghosts are looking after me.


Let me know if there is any

Sub=Text to the thus posited

entry; it's just a thing.

A Glow thing.


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deabler3 said...

The Pic is great, slacster.


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