Saturday, February 5, 2005


AOL announcer: "fire's out."


February 05, 2005


Title: Where the Birds Are

Weather: here? Thawing considerably.

Noise: old answering machine messages

Mood: what? i schtill have to plug in my

schtinking mood every=time? Alright~

MY MOOD is semi=detached and

ponderous...OR reluctantly nostalgic.

I can't decide.


Thot: "if a tree fell in slac=land and none

of my dear ones alerted hans & mumsy,

would there still be an Animal Haiku?"

{it's Dense yet effusif}


I went to the Market to=day, to shop for

Myself. That's bizarre/bazaar by itself

but i couldn't help noticing all the sports

related clothing. Seems there must be

some kind of game going on tomorrow.

I hope they win, whoever they are.

It's the walking & jostling & interacting

i enjoy...while getting in touch with my

inner Adrian Monk. The one with Bitty

Schram, altho i've always liked the new

girl from her pizza days. Where's my

Rockford Files? My Dark Shadows?

Well~at least i have bread & provolone

for the coming of Lent. Mitzvah!


I will say this for Max Schmeling, G

preserve him: He lived the long for a

Boxer. Think about it. All his life for

99 years, he lived with all those blows

to his head & abdomen...and after all

that he clung to his remaining Years.

Talk about good sportsmanship! He

must've loved this werld. Lochaim!


And don't get me schtarted about

Ossie Davis. 87 And he was still

working on a film. That is dedication.

Died a vagabond journeyman in his

hotel room...a mensch to the bitter

end, pondering his dailies.

[my personal favourite was the turn

he took in Joe versus the Volcano,

as Tom Hanks' chauffeur~Ossie took

a poor film & enhanced the script.]

Smooches 2 Ruby Dee for loving

the man. Peace 4 hard werk^


Grand Memories! I can scarcely imagine

the conversations that the Matriarch is

having with all Her celluloid heroes and

heroines. She held them in a better

esteem than i can muster. And she is

no longer here to correct my cinematic

errors. OH, well~Heaven musta needed

a true Archivist. A Rememberer.

Still~nothing passes thru me from all of

them that i can't recall, given perfect time

and attention. Twas ever Thus.


Jacksonville? i've never been there!

My nipples won't be exposed.



cneinhorn said...

Was watching a show about Max Schmelling recently, he said something to the effect that he was glad he lost the title, so the Nazi's wouldn't have their trophy propeganda that, my friend, is true sportsmanship...

As far as this American national holiday, all this dutch girl can say is "Go Patriots!"


floralilia said...

i didn't know eagles have nipples...

deabvt said...

Ugh, the Eags!


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