Saturday, January 29, 2005


Saturday, January 29, 2005



Mood: my mood is Archival

Weather: sunny, cold but

getting warmer by Celsius!

Thot: "Elections are good...

Imperfect but necessary."


It is just as possible to remember

the future as the past. Hane did

that in her own Way by departing on

the anniversary of Roe v. Wade.

Ya just can't get more pro=life than

to pass with catholic dignity around

such a time. Now, i'm not gonna put

myself in that box; lest one side or

the other comes down on me for

positing for or agin. I figger since I've

never had an abortion nor had to pay

for one, my luck is holding Toward the

eventual resolve of this item.

'Nuf said.


Space: yeah, we should go there over

and over. And now that i've seen the

pictures of Titan, or been there myself

on scant occasions...i recall the Challenger

disaster as a morning horrible. To lose

lives in the sky on perfect endeavour is a

bad yet inevitable step to progress. But,

all the astronauts we've known and lost

did not pass on in vain; theirs is a perfect

Orbit which we can only dream on.

And boldly continue...



There is no excuse for genocide, ever.

G deplores in us the capability we have to

kill each other against our human nature.

He has always hated it, under any name to

which He answers. And there is a book in

Heaven which records all the persons who

have engaged in such Depravity. They will

come to account, and Mercy shall depart

them! Never first, never again, never



Brightness comes in the early morning.

And we should strive to reflect the rays

of the sun. What alternatif is there?

If i am sentimental or True, then cast me

down for strength or Faith. It simply

adheres to me~plus+, I've had more than

a month 2 which i am entitled.

Ask anybody.



floralilia said...

"Brightness comes in the early morning.

And we should strive to reflect the rays

of the sun."

succulence at it's juicyness...

love the pic - and the reflections...

ckays1967 said...

The poetry in your life is astounding.....with rays of light we dance in your thoughts of faith....


cneinhorn said...

loved all these words of reflection and wisdom today....  no excuse for genocide ever, yet it continues in heart breaks, for the problem is being ignored largely...


karynwiththewhy said...

Great pic, though the "without a tie" description perfectly superfluous, I venture to say that all your readers could pick you out of a lineup 100 times that size.

~ Karyn

slacbacmac said...

Appreciata gals!  Tho' Brian will ring in Presently
to shave my sappiness...  i wondre if & when he
wears a tie.  I'm only his Dad~and my potery is
less than truly Astounding.

uscga1995 said...

Ahaaaaaa!  Enough time to write your blog entry........but not enough time to respond to your 2nd eldest nephew's e-mails?

It's not like I don't have a 2 year old bouncing off walls that I could tend to.......but no........I scribble down some thoughts of my good unkabooey with the few moments that I have on this 19" machine.'s all geography eh?

God bless,

slacbacmac said...

forgifness, capsizer!
i send what i can, resolutely...
but you have a different membership.
Suffice to say: i remember what you
remember & perfectly so.  PIANO!
[snail=mail & old fone do good things]

sunflowerkat321 said...

This is a warm and sunny place where the reflections are both relevant and touching.  I love visiting here.

deabvt said...

Cute Cuote..." I don`t believe in aging; rather I believe in forever changing one`s aspect to the sun."


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