Wednesday, February 2, 2005




Once in a Great While i go to

get my car inspected AND,

Some=thing blows the up!

But i forswear the blaming of

my cars for such Events.

Some other inattention is in

the Mix. Ask the Engineer.


The Colonel is another Year

older, and ignores his shadow

on such a day. I haven't seen

mine today either and it wasn't

for the lack of looking. There

will be six (6) weeks of Wintre

remaining, regardless of the

actions of so many small brown

furry gophers.

[insert Caddyshack reference

here^] Badgerific!

Plus+, the rodential predictors

are genetically Near=Sighted.


Remember then, that gasoline

burns, notably when unattended.

A hundred years Ago, it was a

nearly unusable by=product of

the Petroleum industry! Now,

try & run a hummer without it.

Makes you wanna walk more,

don't it? Vrroom, Vrrooom.


OH! Yeah~Pray for the Pope,

because i'm his chihuahua and

the Matriarch saw him in person.

AND we catholic poets have got

to stick together. Twas ever

Thus^ ~slacmackerel~

Wednesday, February 02, 2005


karynwiththewhy said...

What, my darling, is that alongside your chin & lower cheeks? I bet you started growing that about the same time I was over in my journal going so ya ya about my husband's wintertime vacation beard.

Caddyshack AND Groundhog Day both gave Bill Murray fame but various rodents a bad name . . .  

Cute pic.

slacbacmac said...

Sweetie> that is a failed attempt @ a beard...
i hear some men can grow them~just not very
well in my fambly.  But our 'mousies' are non=pareil!

deabvt said...

Thus^ ~slacmackerel~
Now, that`s funny to us Catholic poets.

slacbacmac said...

True Vince, too true>>
Hane taught me 2 laugh @ Adversity & to Cry
only when mine Heart was truly broke.
Fortunately, i have seen much more of the
former than the Latter.  Good Lesson...
Bright filosofy^
more tomorro

cneinhorn said...

"Catholic poets"....brings back memories of catholic school.... :-)  

Prayers for the Pope...



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