Monday, February 7, 2005


we gave it a shot...


i can forgif Donovan for

throwing those intercepts;

it's like my grade skool

basketball coach used to

say,"The key to winning a

game is not that you don't

make's only

that you don't make as

many mistakes as the other



Or werds to that effect.


Apparently, the Lizard left

bean=town just in time to

affect the outcome of the

game; and her namesake

wasn't around to root for

the under=dogs.

{Namely, the Eagles}


But thereyago & thusitwas.


Holy Crud! Is it shrove

Tuesday already? With all

the concommitant donuts

and Evything?! I think i'll

give up payroll taxes for

Lent. Seriously. Right after

i actually/actuarially fill out

the reams of paper=werk

associated with this time of

Year. [read the last two

sentences aloud if able.^]

Procyon! ad asterae

Monday, 07 February, 2005...


I have been amazed by the

length & breadth of official

condolences showered upon

me by functionaries...and

only slightly offended by their

question,"Are you the surviving

spouse?" It's like a double

bolt of irony~that, altho i did

good things for a grand old gal,

Her natural husband departed

her more days than 7 years ago.

Then, strangely, i feel like a

young pharoah of Egypt when i

admit,"I Am the Sun." Moses

his=own=self didn't have such

offhanded queries! And He

gave us the LAW and the seeds

of prophecy!! OY~Vay.

{partial Truth: i could be the 2nd

Son of the 2nd Kingdom, if it was

localised.} The carpenter from

Nazareth had better answers to

the tax=collectors and the

Insurance salesmen of Judea.

Somebody wrote it down.


Me? i'd rather have doughnuts

than delusions of grandeur.

And the promise of good things

coming thru the postal service.

Which they usually do.

As 4 the Eagles...Next year.

Hope without Promises, but

Yeah~next Year...with many

less Interceptions. ~slac~



karynetaylor said...

yes, you are the Sun! the moon, the stars and all that, too.

sorry about your Eagles. I assume that is who you were for.

I might not be back for a few days, try not to miss me.

I'll be in Florida chasing kids around, keeping them alive.

~ Karyn

belfastcowboy75 said...

"I am the Sun" produces a smile here in Boston, where we are happy about interceptions. Same two teams next year, but Eagles will again fail thrice before breaking through. Then, pandemonium.

floralilia said...

"Next Year." <---the official philly motto.

the eagles got their wings clipped - i am not surprised.

but delighted they made it that far no less.

if it's shrove tuesday already - then spring is not far away...!!


slacbacmac said...

Kayy> try not 2 miss the Kayy??!!
Twas never Thus...
Other fans>>keep humming that tune,
"Ain't no stopping us now."
There was a ball=foot game?

sunflowerkat321 said...

sun=flower is no sports fan...which saves me from the need to mourn.

Your fastnacht made me smile...there was a time I had no awareness of donut day.  Strange customs to this midwestern girl.

deabvt said...

Next year is right, slacster...hey, great painting!


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