Friday, October 1, 2004


debate, rebate...

probate, reprobate...

And other things.


This is my advance impression of

the latest TWO Hurricanes to hit


Moderator: Welcome, Gentlemen.

[evybody looks around]

Hurricane John: Thank you, Jim.

Hurricane George: Yeah, Thanks.

M: Foreign Policy...England?

G: Tony Blair, personal friend.

J: London, nice town.

M: France?

J: Build a coalition.

G: Don't need 'em.

M: Iraq?

G: Dictator it again.

J: Morass of a Quagmire of two

morasses...Did i say Viet Nam?

M: Rebuttal, Mr. President?

G: Moving toward Democracy.

M: Senator?

J: Bogged down Quagmire.

M: Korea?

J: I would press for free Elections

in the South, then the North.

G: Colin Powell, diplomacy

against Axis of Evil...talks.

---many sound=bites later---

M: Kind of tree?

G: sturdy oak on the hunt for

terraists, firm and reliable.

J: hawaii banyon, branches

touching roots of consensus.

[car commercial, food ad]

M: What would Jesus drive?

G: Hydrogen Humvee.

J: Non-out-sourced Hybrid.

M: Favorite condiment?

J: catsup OR relish...

G: morasses, I mean molasses

on my Americain baked beans.

M: Good night.

---exit poll of chosen chadhangers---

Audience member: Whiskey Tango

Foxtrot! What was That? I came to

see Ralph Nader.

Thursday, September 30, 2004^

Meanwhile, in the Real werld...

This page is an Open Forum.

And rarely political.

Baseball! Football! Life!

OR none of the above...


regardless, this Author reserves

the right to Bump incendiary

visitories on spec.

{Hasn't happened much yet,

But ya never know}

I think Socrates would support

me in this~~His speech was so

free that the State forced him

to eat poison! Bless my soul,

i'll try not to get that filosofical.


Plus+, it's just a thing.

SO~bounce 2 the othre Glows

already apace & apiece.

The one & only slac


plittle said...

Damn! I like your stuff.

karynwiththewhy said...

"You can't say "nuclear",  that really scares me . . ."

& "I won three purple hearts!! This land will surely vote for me . . ."

that's MY Summary of the debate!  go to & re-live it all.

~ Karyn

belfastcowboy75 said...

A glowing summation, Slac. I too was moved to politics--also rare.

floralilia said...

compact and reliable as always sir slac.

perfect political post.

slacbacmac said...

Appreciata 1 & All>>
{shhh~i'm re=learning DOS &
editing IMPs}  smooches until
i complete the puzzle...

deabvt said...

Yea!   Slac & Soc!!

judithheartsong said...

great post.... I love the way you do that thing you do............judi


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