Saturday, October 23, 2004


Saturday, October 23, 2004

title: changing leaves

mood: brisk

music: Beatles, Introducing The

Thot: "How many generations of

media does a recording have to

pass thru before it never goes

out of style?"


That's^ a pertinent question in

my view; the audio file i am now

creating began life as a Vinyl

album...came to me as a big fat

Reel of tape when i bot the TEAC

6300...which i subsequently

ripped/burned 2 cassette...said

cassette being now transferred to

the Beast of the dingdang dell.

[I count @ least 5 generations

from England to my desk=top.]

That's a long trip for such a

classic Recording! Beatles!

{i have preserved, inadvertently

the pops und clicks from the

original platter~it seems only


"So--that's why slac has been short

on the bounce these days! He's

loading up tapes to his hard drive.

What a selfish illegitimato!"

What can i say? A boy needs some

audible distraction while he ponders

the Gravity of the Inter=Web thang.

- - - - - - - - - - - - -

Fair Warning: i also save my fone

messages onto tape & transfer them

to the 'putre; privacy concerns aside,

it makes for Entertaining bumps

around the home=page...if you know

what i mean. Not of good quality but

an historical record nevertheless...

For some=one who occasionally

claims 2 be anti-technology, I do tend

to slither across the media bounds.

Good thing it doesn't interfere with

my semblance of real=life.

* * * * * * *

Colour me conscious~i've been saving

my share of discarded boox.

And we filled up the 'cans' again today

with many trailer=loads of yardage.

The most often questions askt @ werk

are: "When do you close? [today or

for the season]", "Do you werk here?"

AND "Does it matter where i go?"

The first two answers are easy...

i close @ 6 PM today & December 4th

for the year [such as it is]. I AM the

Man you must deal with while You are

on my Especial Yard. I werk here.

The final question is austerely

filosofical. Kinda depends on where

one comes from & where one desires

to go! [in the short form, it matters

little which roll=off anybody uses on

this particular day.] I refrain from

going much deeper into that query

with my regular customers.

{Who really wants to enter into a long

and tedious discussion of Path, Purpose

& Intention with the parish yard=boy?}

Plus+, it's not my job to send people

to places they hadn't yet thot of!

I have enuf trouble standing still.

While~filling five roll=offs...

- - - - - - - - - - - - -

Over=more, i got all of tomorro to get

thru with doing the puxxle without

Curly & Shemp, cutting the widow's

lawn...and Heck! Who knows what.

/ball=base, elexion, commentary/

Hey~it's just a thing.

----the Saterday slac-----


thelovetrain said...

"Pops und clicks"~> Creative idea, I like it.

"Audible"~> Wish that you had up=dial so that you could fully 'Drift'.

"Short on the bounce?"~> {Slac=(((koytus- -interuptus)))-Ru-DeD? etcetera>>>kind'a scyn}... Sometimes, I force myself to take a break from carrying the weight of the entire Journals world and escape to an enchawnting bubble bath, complete with luxurious chocolates & candles. It's delectably time consuming and selfish.

<~ Does it matter where I go from here? ~>

~Wayward 'B'

cneinhorn said...

Beatles, Introducing The Thot: yes, Slac, I agree.  Some music will never go out of style.  Pink Floyd comes to mind as well.   Shine On (you crazy diamond)! Timeless Slac!

belfastcowboy75 said...

All caught up on my Slac reading now. I think the Parish yard=boy should be listened to. The counter seems to be forcing me to higher level mathematics, but I remain part of the essential demographic.

slacbacmac said...

Appreciata~this Glow has been read 168
times since the last reset!  [or 6001
visits before that]  They're only #s

deabvt said...

Realtorealtapes; i remember how hard it was to find the song you wanted!


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