Wednesday, October 13, 2004


"Be that as it may and what have you?"


My future life will have many less



GO to sunflower if you want to read

about the latest confluence.


GO to dancer if you want to check

out her especial play=acting.

[might take a coupla bounces]


What are you watching?

The base=ball OR the debate?

[it's the last debate and too many

important commentators haven't

even been invited...Dean, Clark,

Quayle, North et alia]



Crickets & Stink=bugs!

They took my Rockford Files

off the Air last week and i can't

get my head around it as i cook

my salsa grits & fried eggs.

[Hane has the Masses & Rosary

to watch in the mean=time.]

Change 4 the Sake of it...


Title my brevity moody~and there

is music within my mind. The

rest is meditation on the

transformation of Humanity.




judithheartsong said...

I love coming here and seeing what you're up to..... there is a pleasing cadence to your words and phrases that makes me smile:) You are all oranges and yellows and pomegranate red bleeding to a rose hue. Lovely and delightful. Good night sweet Prince! judi

slacbacmac said...

paint me good Especial one~
yeh...i do got rhythm>


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