Sunday, October 31, 2004


undecided? study more...

Don't forget 2 close your eyes

and hold your nose as you

flip them levers. AND totally

ignore what OBL broadcasted

to the wide werld; he is the

biggest brownest Adipose that

was ever born. I'll bet he doesn't

even send a GET WELL CARD to

Mr. Arafat. i speak apolitically

all=together, of course.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Saturday, 30 October, 2004^

Hey, bud! You're late & you look

like you didn't get enuf schleep.

Crud! You forgot to set back

your chronometers. Bummer.

{the person who has more than

five clox or watches can never be

sure what time it is.}

The more i read these dated=out

computer boox, the more i miss

my late cat. Kitty Shunky! How

the information becomes obsolete

with the passage of just a few

years. [i'm glad i came this late to

the PARTY...] Cadences!

µ µ µ µ µ µ µ µ

Hane has the Mass on way too loud.

But, then, she's quite deaf.

Sunday comes early round these

parts... Shush! Kids! i'm still grading

up my Time Signifiers~and i am like

Totally out of Candy.

Sunday, 31 October, 2004...

Power Interruption! Must be a new

day all=to. Had to reset my TVs by

and by, uncorrected clocks notwith-

standing. {TVs: those hunky dark

boxes that werk way better than

this one.} Would that FOX would

broadcast The Simpsons haunted

episode tonight instead of a week

after Halloween. That was one of

the Advantages of a shortened

Ball=Base season. Never mind.

Lovely day for a Parade.

music: Ted Nugent, Wango=Tango

mood: breezily leafy...

Thot: "i like to read the Slack but

the entry formats are sooo incon-

sistent." ~overheard^

Title: Puzzle Aced

k k k k k k k

study guide:

boox=books, clox=clocks,

BallBase=baseball, enuf=enough,

schleep=sleep, OBL=bin Laden,

Adipose=a fatted behind...

Advise by Comment or e=mail^


thelovetrain said...

Me for theng clok thuh dus cumpuwtur mi thaht glahd I'm.

Kwikle me bors English up strat muhch to pursunale. Lengo Slac awn haking ben sumwuns?

Unimajinuhtiv thuh of behaf on thaynks buht, neded lejend no, yushualy.

~ To 'B' bakwurds

plittle said...

I like having to think aboot (<~~forgive my Canadianese accent) what I'm reading.

slacbacmac said...

Thanx>> maybe after the elexn
i'll write an entry in plain English...
Hold your breath Not!   ~author

judithheartsong said...

Did our voting thing this am............ :) Slack! judi

slacbacmac said...

Appreciata Heart=song!
Every vote counts...and Waiting in line
can be fun.  I'll post especial tomorro

floralilia said...

i survived the never ending chronometer shift.

and it still sucked. lengthily.

karynetaylor said...

Study guides are for wimps!  

deabvt said...

Luv yore coment on

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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