Saturday, October 9, 2004


I thot i would Bounce to all the good things,

which i usually do.

Today, i stumbled instead upon a sad story.

Go to scoops and console them.

The link is @ the right>

Life is fragile, brief & bright.

Then, pray & cry, light a candle...

G would strengthen us as we

Glow on.   Believe~and Love

---a mercy on our werld---slac


slabacmac said...

"Them that asks, get; them that don't, don't"

slacbacmac said...

Corollaries 4 slabo>
"Somes got one, somes got two
and somes got None."
"Be careful what you wish for..."
"Wisdom begins from the reply,
'i don't know'."   etcetera

slacbacmac said...

---i added a bright picture for contrast---
darn this balky Kodiak

karynetaylor said...

Yea, Slac, that was part of my mood the other day when I commented the glow-ability & community in general seemed stunned or halted as of late, I too had been made speechless as I learned of God's work days prior. I couldn't even comment, all sounded trite, I felt like an intruder, reading the words of pain and not knowing what to say, even if they were my closest friends I would never know what to say. So I just keep them in my prayers and trudge on.

~ Karyn

slacbacmac said...

Thanks Kayy~~
you have added much 2 this page>
WE bless them with Courage & Love
{and pray constantly}  ~Author


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