Tuesday, September 28, 2004


Are we wet enuf yet?

Apparently not...


Hane is rising like bad

water on a rainy day.

BUT~she has all her meds

thanks 2 the Advocate.


And still it rains.

Man, this new coil is doing

all the good on dragging

me from place 2 place.

Such a little thing to

Intersect with cross purposes!

[my cukes are 2 wet 2 harvest]

Read me not closely~it is

filled with sub=text AND my

advisements are muddy at

best. {^weather report^}

Raining just as hard now.


Which reminds me of yet

anothre small thing: When

i was an urchin on the streets

of a certain town, i could not

Imagine growing so far and so

fast 2 the place i now occupy.

Feh~i'm here now and t'ain't

no going back=wise.

What the Marin Bensen was

that all about?


Never=the=less & irregardless,

my especial webgals are moving

forward from a near still=stand.

{slackwings are nothing if not

Broad & encouraging} And...

ADVERSITY?! i tend not to

support it in sidereal Venues.

WE Glow the good & that is

more than transparent, simple.

WHO askt that question^?

- - - - - - - - - -

If not as wet as well, then How

much longer? Hane would prefer

that disasters continue non=stop.

WHICH is not my filosfy!

Advise me much, i am soaked

thru & ruddy, like an infant.





abettorarcane said...

I'm with 'you' and do not 'support' adversity, I roll=glow through it.

Left you 'two' replies Slac (Much hurricane cleanup to do here).

Thanks again...

Your friend ~ Brian (Abettor Arcane)


slabacmac said...

Wherever you go, there you are!

abettorarcane said...

{You said a SLACFULL there!}

Love you man...

~ Brian (Abettor)


slacbacmac said...

Bread=Crumbs & Brevity!
Spellcheck 4 posers...
[more of my visitories could leave
LINKS, but i am bad @ it myself]


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