Sunday, October 24, 2004


Ghost in the Machine...


Something happened to my

audio=file of "Old Brown Shoe".

[part of my up=load of that

Beatle cassette] It was quite

the strange~with slowing and

bizarre rhythmic alterations...

and repeatable across the

file. Mechanical? Puterific?

OR a Quantum visit from the

slide guitarist formerly known

as George Harrison?

Spooky~the tape never did

that before. Never mind,

i'll figger it out & advise.

[it was both mechanical AND


Halloween! Candy! Boo!

Sunday, 24 October, 2004^

- - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Sorry i scared evybody...

but now i'm recording a tape

from Johnny Cash that the

Colonel bot back in 1972.

Maybe when i've got it all done

up 2 the dell, i can mail it out

to the Left Coast and return it

to its rightful owner. [say what

you will about CDs & DVDs,

these old cassettes hold up

remarkably well.]

Werk was not difficult @ all

today; and for a bonus, nephew

JJ was still visiting his grandma.

My visit with him was brief owing

to his travel Northward to the

coal regions. [other Grandma]

It sure is getting cool & dark

round these parts just before

the Ronald Reagan time change.

I should start thinking about

buying candy for the urchins...

and ten other projects to do

before Turkey=Day. Five of

which have something to do with

this computre. I'll get there

eventual. Twas ever Thus^

The chicken soop? She is

all. I would publish a recipe but

it's too simple---cook 2 or 3

breasts, Save. Boil/simmer.

Strip the bones; dice & saute

two onions, two celery stalx.

[the burnishing adds the

flavour.] Cook & add rice or

noodles~whatever is on hand.

Schlurp frequently during cold

season & season 2 taste.

{secret: add spices/Mrs. Dash

toward the end=simmer}

Consume resolutely for 10 days.

Have it there you do^ mmmm

- - - - - - - - boo - - - - -

Chef the slack chiefly but

remember i cook for fun. OR

much that it tastes good. Darn

my culinary amnesia!


title: Recordist

mood: funky phat?

music: ZZ Top/Legs [tape]

thot: "what if the Eagles go all

the way? TO the SupreBowl?

Yup. That's a new Century."


Monday, October 25, 2004

----additionally schpooky---slac


thelovetrain said...

Spookiness, quit scaring me.

I think G-man would have phattened up the funk.

Musical 'B'

judithheartsong said...

BOO too! judi

cneinhorn said...

BOO! to you too!  I just love to schlurp my soup! *wink*
smooches from the jersey shore

slabacmac said...

"Cluck, cluck, cluck"

deabvt said...

Soop sds great!
Eags to sooper bowl? Yes!!!!!

floralilia said...

a slacgestion:

for special slurping occasions:  try a bit of dill in the slacsoup.

and where are the carrots!

vitamin a lets you see better.

i need to send you some florasouppe.

slacbacmac said...

Appreciata>> carrots are over=rated in the
culinary arsenal...  but maybe next year i'll grow
my own dill.  [there's an obscene joke there^
but this is AOL]   i like 2 read the deep>>


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