Tuesday, October 19, 2004


they's a cold rain a-comin'

OK~it's here. Again

[game over]

It mysifies me much.

EVERYTHING else proceeds apace.

>Insertion Point...

TITLE: antiquarius maximus

MOOD: reflexively reflectif

MUSIC: what's on my hard=drive

THOT: "ponder the small items first

and best...thereafter, the large &

mysterious things will fall into focus


Chicken soop! With rice yet!

- - - - - -


is obituated. There are ghosts...

- - - - - -

* slac *

Would that i could run out my

text as far and as fast as things

enter my pages! It would be a

minor miracle on a par with

prescient putre date=ups!

{Bell's investors told him that the

telefonicum would come to no

good use @ all.} Thereyago^

- - - - -

Tuesday, October 19, 2004...

A clean shunky is a happy shunky.

Vote Early! Vote Often! It's gonna

be another squeaker. Thems

that ain't waitin' in line to vote

is waitin' in line for a flu shot.

{Either way, you're gonna get

prickled...} TATCWP


i am so behind of Commentary

that any moment now i expect

to pass myself in the Virtual

hall=way. Don't you just hate

when that happens? Wiggling

worm=holes, i sure do.

Anyway, one of the things i do

this time of year is begin to

clean out the slack=shack.

[it must be naked empty by

the time Santa shows up.]

Yet, in this regard, it is a

difficult process as many

books are coming in from the

University Women's charity

sale. That's right~i am full

knotted up in the business of

recycling books. And it's

not like they will be recycled

in the classical sense...they

[ones i don't rescue] will more

than likely end up filling the

land beneath us, as garbage.

{Where are the Antiquarians?!}

As a writer, a reader of boox,

it breaks my heart. But, as an

officer of the Parish, i must

press on in this post=literate

cleansing of libraries. Papers

and magazines are one thing;

boox, quite anothre. OOPS!

There's another shiny axe

hefted high abof my soap=box!

"Hey~that's my ankle."

Up=shot: hug a book today,

it won't live long.

- - - - - - - -

Vernacular?? i barely toucht

her. AND not in her vestibule.


i can write good iffen i wants

to~~i jest Be needs a editor.



thelovetrain said...




slacbacmac said...

thanks bud~i visited the Drift...
it was pixellated of the up=dial but
i liked it---glow on

cneinhorn said...

"any moment now i expect

to pass myself in the Virtual


Great line Slac! Brilliant!  I have nothing more to add, other than a
very enjoyable entry indeed.


thelovetrain said...

Anytime and thanks bakatcha.

... It must be perpetual hell on the down=dial.

~Falcon B


floralilia said...

succulent wormhole wisdom my shimmering knight...

floralilia said...

ooh..and if you ever come across any vintage Robert Heinlein slac - send up smoke rings -  

do not...i repeat - do NOT let them go to the dump down under....


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