Monday, October 11, 2004

Holiday Report

Title: alltogether all=over

Music: 70's rock, of gourse

Mood: contemplatif, hmm

Thot: "if i didn't have this

incredible up=dial, i would be

lost in a far more different way."

Twas ever thus...


Who is not surprised that i did

the puzzle perfekt? Never mind.

The farm report: it's been a bad

year for tomatoes, but all too

good for cucumbres & peppers.

And weeds like poison ivy...

[i add them all to my salad]

The bug report: bees are on

the down=slide, but there is an

effulgent propagation of---

Crickets, cicadae and Stink

bugs [my boof is full of 'em.]

Hane almost drowned a cricket

this morning...but we saved his

or her exoskeletal ass by mere

attention. It woke up on a

paper towel and i released it

unto my weedy garden. Then,

Hane nagged me to remove

the poison from the front

schteps... Which i did.

I am so not overcome with

Details! It behinds me much

but i nearly accomplish all that

is Required. There=after, much

might be futurifically remembered.

Such is the nature of action^

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

I know the difference between

Jean Louisa Kelly and Lolita

Davidovitch...and the subtlety

of Liza Snyder against Holly

Marie Combs. It is observable.

Would that i followed it more

closely than necessary...

{these are also my expecial

girls^} Television!?!

Sunday, October 10, 2004^

Happy Columbus Day---if not

for him, we'd still be Europeans.

In very crowded cities. Two

items point to the veritable

end of the 80s: Afghanistan

held its own election [with

some irregularities]. They

have been at war @ least that

long. And, SUPERMAN has

passed on. Gone too soon~

Christopher Reeve has earned

his wings & can now fly for

real. Still, gone too soon.


It was an easy day at werk,

being a Yankee holiday.

[the roll=offs were not

emptied from Saturday.]

Cool & crisp but sunny,

i entertained a small and

loyal contingent of people.

But even if you include my

own two bags of crud,

there's not all that much

yardwerk left to do.

{OK~that's^ a lie. So

sue me.} Hereafter i must

bounce---there be a lotta

things on these Internets.


Monday, 11 October, 2004.


floralilia said...

exoskeletal ass.

ass? Ass? ASS??????

did he just say ass?

oh, how perfect.

as was the rest of the entry....

slacbacmac said...

Crickets make Violin music with their
out=boned legs~~and they are good
luck in any haus.  Hey! Where are my
other best Visitories?^
more tomorro...~Author

cneinhorn said...

70's music here too.  :-)

thelovetrain said...

The - Train now needs a new means of support when, I come upon a fallen trestle while delivering mass quantities of - Love -. Not a good thing, I ALWAYS depended on 'Superman' for that. This also means more down time.

You're a goooood cricket saver.



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