Thursday, October 14, 2004


Noise/Music: Bonnie Raitt on my

headfones~EWTN on Hane's TV

Mood: cadentially Appreciatif

Thot: "we could be at the end of

the Werld, considering how many

people are self=absorbed."

Second thot: "this dingdang pooter

is a better Victrola than almost

anything else it does!"


TITLE: 2 dreme of cat=food when

Boogerag is a ghostly Memory.


I had that othre dreme again last

night---just before i woke up for the

end of the Debate...oh! You all know

the dreme~Typing furiously on the

InterWeb to no=one in particular &

every=one in general. YET, every

werd is cogent & precise.


The Waking is werse for me because

my connection lies two flights down.

That is, even if i could put on my

Robe fast enuf & remember just what

it was i was positing so well...

I could not possibly up=dial in time to

change the werld. Frustrata!

Of course, i take solace in the fact

that all my Glowers have had that

Dreme @ one time or another.

{Check Sigmund Freud about the

fantasmagoric dimensions of such

unresolved Action}


To think how late i arrife at this

Dimension and lightly prepared for

Consequence. Maybe i was born on

the wrong day in the wrong Year.

OR~Perhaps i was Intended to lag

back of my own slack & don't

Essentially realise it!^

{filosofical advisement}

* * *

It puts me behind of my true purpose

which i have not yet discerned.

DREAM not what i dreamed!

Bounce 2 the good & thread it thru

the life of life. It'll be a Mitzvah

in the season of Ramadan...

WE will be blesst with better


---a wide=spread---dreaming---



thelovetrain said...

Not that 'exact' dream, my friend...

In mine, my "uncogent & precise" words only piss off the entire town and I find myself running through dark, deserted streets & alleys, being chased by an angry mob with torches, much like Frankenstein.


I haven't actually had that dream yet but, when I dream of the Internet, that'll most likely be it.

I agree and also obviously get off on computer music. Works pretty good for me and 'Drift'.

On the "filosofical advisement", me too.

A long missed friend dropped in on me the other day with real 'sticky'. That was nice and relaxing for a change. I hadn't indulged in quite a while. Extra nice seeing my dear friend again too.


slacbacmac said...

The Doctor or the monster?

slacbacmac said...

Author off/subject:  THEY said it would be
fast & easy~~But they lied.  Do i imagine
it's 'harder' to publish fotoes/paintings
OR am i not dated up 2 the Beast?
More Text tomorro...

thelovetrain said...

{ZBIG1 with the flat top and electrodes jutting from his neck.}

... I imagine it's 'harder'.

~ Frankenbri

thelovetrain said...

Enhancement on 'no enhancement':

My zoom is giving me probs' and has been for days with 'some' images like yours. Only on that kind though, where it takes me to the AOL Photos Galleries. When I get there, there's nothing but a blank box on exhibit.

I missed the up=close>>>ECKS.


deabvt said...

How philosofikal!
Go, slac.

slacbacmac said...

WHICH~~ is why i encourage the
Deep=Reading.  IT is a wild ride>>

cneinhorn said...

Deep thoughts Slac. Philosophising Slac :-)


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