Friday, October 8, 2004


TITLE: a slick ride...

MOOD: slightly busy

NOISE: [hane tv]


The green machine got a full

road test today...and passed with

flying colours.

WE took Hane 2 the doctor and

he was altogether satisfied with

her progress. [Hane, not the car.]

WE dropped off the Matriarch

and continued on to the Widow's

lawn. Which itself was a pretty

easy gig. {i get paid to do her

grass & weeds; i werk on my own

yard sporadically And for the

pure satisfaction of it.} Then,

me and the ghost travelled well

and roundly to the bank, the

farmacy and other places.

SHE runs the good when the

going is important. [That would

be both Hane & the car.] And

gets almost 17 miles to the Gal.

* *

I have heard from the Germanic

contingent...Harry & my sister,

Kay. They just had a vacance

in Tuscany...sharing a Villa with

several friends. There may be

pictures in the future~and i am

only mildly envious of their

Adventure. [NB: for being all

the way across an ocean, they

sounded like they called from

a local fone. Amazing.]

* * *

The Engineer is werking out of

Philly...and holding his own as a

commuter. That is, we pine for

the days when He was employed

by a singular tech=company

rather than travelling to various

assignments on a per job basis.

Never mind~my brother fishes

for werk so much better than me.

AND under these conditions, he

has the option of turning down

schtuff in DANGEROUS locales.

[pick a point on the globe where

the infrastructure is tattered.]

* * * *

i am rambling...yet not as much

as my best & brightest friends.

{hello! especial Glowers! send

me schtuff} Date the Up as the

up2dates arrife...




sunflowerkat321 said...

Too bad your travels didn't take you past the farmers market today Slac...we could have had coffee.

slacbacmac said...

my busy bad, flower=sun...
we've got to stop NOT meeting like this>
less=the=never, coffee smooches

deabvt said...



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