Monday, October 4, 2004


Title: The many Things

Mood: cloudy like a cloud

Music: my own...

Thot: "i am behind myself much,

but i do look good on the


Extra thot: "sure---if i had a

billion dollars, i'd be building

a space=plane too."

- - - - - - - - - - - - -

spurious content:

Hurricanes subside, but that

Mountain in the West is

unsettled. [Helen is Maisie's

middle name.] Ashy!


Monday, October 04, 2004...

Do they have showers in the

after=life? If so, Janet Leigh

will take one and meet up

with Tony Perkins & Hitch.


There's going to be a Vice

Presidential debate?! It'll

probly be more fun than the

first Presidential one. Don't

mark my werds. I may posit

something about it tomorro,

or maybe not. Ya never know.


No bride is an island...that

wedding in the middle of the

state was almost washed out.

At one point, the hotel where

evybody was staying was

surrounded by impassable

roads. Fortunately, on the

happy day~the waters

receded. It will be a day

the happy couple will remember.


Electoral college?? I barely

made it thru Electoral High

school! And i wasn't signed up

for shop even. [Humour]


I must thank the Capsizer in

this venue for sending many

pictures of my grand-nephews.

At the beach, no less.

{it's getting a little nippy now

to let them swim---but it is

well 2 note that this side of

the fambly has salt=water AND

chlorine in the blood.}

What did i do for fotoes before

my sister bot me this dingdang

dell? OH! Wait! I had more time

then to do lotsa schtuff unrelated

to the InterWeb! Blessing & a

Curse^ Good fotoes allto.


Yes, it's true~at werk i have

salvaged a coupla Dummy boox

from *gasp* the Nineties.

[DOS 4 Dummies & Windows95]

Makes me glad i waited to join

the revolution. Still somewhat

useful, & there.


Subtext? What subtext?

Anagrams & perfect puzzles!

I don't know...mathematical

engines can be such a pain in

a post-Planck universe.

Makes a good radio, though.

Bounce the good bounce...

the slac will be there.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - -


floralilia said...

ah, so sir slac stumbled into multidimensional superstring planck length theories, is that it?

me too.

meet me on the event horizon.  

we'll  have coffee.

deabvt said...

slac`s been stargated.


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