Friday, February 6, 2004


There is a filosofy which embraces & consoles current Reality...

Id est, one should not expect a plethora of good news without a tincture of bad.  It is natural to wake up & hear of troubles.  So it is today that i put especial Blessings & Prayers on Cat's Dad~~he's taking a little Vacation @ the hospital with more than a few health problems, including a fractured ankle.  Yet, humans who make it as far as 80 years should not expect less than a slight inconvenience...Ask my Mom who likes 2 drag an oxygen tube all around this pitiable hovel.  Be that as it may and i will only encourage positif messages concerning those Angels who exceed our paltry days with Millennium=straddling years.  They are our protogenesis.

Sine que Non!  The rain trickles down upon my Haus.  Which brings me to the good news!  The Glows are especial and fulfilling their purposes~~our little werld is bright & expanding all=together...This by itself will counter=act much negatif news.  Just check out the Dancer & you'll Understand...Did i mention that you have to wake up with that positif mental attitude?

[i dreme of better days which i myself Create~~]  With love 2 all the others i encourage

Simply: filosofically:  Slack...


grandmumsy08 said...

Effusive blushing going on here....

shy smooches from the dancer,


slacbacmac said...

And when you are in the middle of a shtorm--make brown brix.
More=over, there will be DREMES tomorro & unprecedented
Revelations! I did warn Every=one of such a wild ride... ~Author


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